Tuesday, July 17, 2012

thrill of the find, part 2

Well, it's probably high time that I post another Thrill of the Find post...and, I suppose this piece might be the best piece to feature this week...1) b/c it has a pretty funny story of how I acquired it and 2) b/c I think I may place it in my invitation-only-estate sale...yes, I am having an estate sale...more like a rubbish sale...but, still...all of the finds that I acquire are from someone's estate...they all have a story from long ago...they all sat lovingly placed in someone's, that is why I am calling it an estate sale...
I was all excited about my estate sale and finally purging of a few of my finds...b/c, you see, in order to actually sell things in a boutique, I have to let them go ;o) I wanted to be able to pay off one of my larger medical bills and to sneakily pay off the remainder of the mr's car (as an anniversary gift)...what a better way of doing it? making room for new finds (b/c who am I kidding, there will always be new finds) AND actually preparing for my dream of owning a boutique., I thought, This is it! I'm finally doing it!! I was even so proud of myself for being willing to sell some of my absolute favorite this one that I'm about to tell you about...the ones that have the funniest stories (I gave one of the best pieces away as a bday gift last year and thought I was finally on my way emotionally to having a boutique) THEN...this morning,  Design Mom featured another living with kids house tour and now, I SO do not want to sell any of my finds! dang it! No, house is stuffed to the BRIM with finds...and, I promise you, I have found most of it in antique stores, flea markets, estates sales...etc etc and rarely has any of it cost me more than $100..BUT since my house is nearly full, I no longer have room to find anything...and for those of you out there who love finding and refinishing furniture or just giving new life to something that others have deemed rubbish...then, you know, hunting for it...that's the thrill!
I think, letting go of some of these older pieces (the pieces I've found along the way in some of the many other places we've lived) is what's tripping me up a little bit...this thought occurred to me yesterday...I am a pro at moving...honestly, I love it...but, let's be more happens a lot in our lives, so, perhaps I am just used to it...and perhaps, the reason it's so easy to adjust to each new home is they all look and feel and smell the same...with each move, I fill each home with all of these pieces that we've needed along the way for storage or what have, maybe, letting these puppies go is also something emotional for me like letting go of each place.  Anyhow, I'll stop with my sappy little story about my strange attachments to clunky pieces of wood and vintage somethings and introduce you to Thrill of the Find part deux:

This lovely armoire is currently sitting in our giant open studio+play room+family room holding tons of games...she has come in SO handy in every single house as closet space is always lacking.  I found my lovely armoire many years ago in a tiny Texas town a little bit (a lot) south of Dallas...I didn't know the names of the towns surrounding DFW and assumed it wouldn't be that inch or so on the map...nah, not a bad drive at all, lol.  I found this beauty on have GOT to love craigslist, it is so fabulous! So, let me see if I can tell this story w/o making you read 10pages of a tale..b/c I'm wordy like that ;o)
The Mr. was working on site at the Cowboy's Stadium...which meant I was on my own with the kids most of the time...we moved there to be on site which meant, we could enjoy being in the same city as the mr. and have none of the flying back and forth like we had been doing for the year and a half prior, but, it also meant I was on my own when it came to things like lawn care or lifting heavy, I found this little...well, not-so-little lovely armoire and I fell in love with it.  A woman, with the same collection-obsession as me, had opened a little antique store at one time and was then selling it and all of the pieces she had collected along the way...for REALLY REALLY good prices.  SO, I of course, contacted her! She said the piece was a good as mine if I could pick it up...she gave me the measurements...we made arrangements to meet up at her little store in the little town (far) south of Dallas...then the Mr. came home and told me that the armoire wouldn't fit in my car...I insisted that it would...he cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions to use as a visual aide...I punched his visual aide and told him that was how I would make the armoire fit, LOL.  I did tell him not to worry, that, by the same time the next day that armoire would be in our house...he'd see.  He laughed.
Same time, next day.  Armoire was sitting in our driveway.  LOL.
I called Enterprise, they picked me up.  Actually, they didn't pick me up...I had to drive to them.  I went online and rented a 6 passenger truck...I needed somewhere to put two car seats, after all, so I couldn't rent a truck from the typical truck renting place...and, long story short...I drove myself and two little people through downtown Dallas during rush hour with a giant (and this baby is giant...remember how it wouldn't fit in my car?) armoire hanging off the back.  I don't know what I was thinking not having a dolly or muscles or an extra person to lift the armoire! My GPS took me on a dirt road to a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere...luckily, luckily, the mr. mentioned a bag of straps that I would need if I actually acquired this thing..and luckily, I grabbed them...
once I got to tiny-town-on-dirt-road, luckily, the woman who sold me the piece happened to be accompanied by her husband...luckily he knew how to use those straps and even luckier...a very muscley man on a harley just happened to be driving by...just happened to know these people and just happened to notice that I was of very little help when it came to loading that thing into my rental truck.  SO, lucky for me, while driving through pretty thick traffic with a giant armoire sticking out over the tail gate, it was strapped in well...and...I may have also purchased a GIANT antique mirror to go with it.  The husband/moving crew convinced me that it'd fit in the armoire perfectly, he'd even wrap and load it, and he'd give me a good deal.  Hmm...I wonder if my husband will be selling off my finds like that someday soon? hehe. 
Anyhow, that's the short version of the story of this find...I'm not going to lie...driving it home wasn't fun...but, I just kept laughing thinking about the Mr. coming home to find it in his driveway (like the time we were 23 and I painted "happy 35th bday, M, I love you" across the side of our it was so fun to watch his in a tiny little smirk, shake of his head and then a slight chuckle followed by "looks like you have a LOT of painting to do,"...this man does not get mad...ever lol) and it was funny!! Once we arrived home, I took a picture of the armoire sitting in the truck with the kids in front of it and I sent it to the Mr. at work.
Anyhow, that's it...the short story of how this little find came to find it's place in our home...and now, soon, she will find her place in another home.  LOL there are plenty more of these thrill of the find posts to come...and probably plenty more that will be included in my...deep, estate sale. 

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