Sunday, December 16, 2012

she's back in business now...

Does anyone else get the Dick Tracy movie song in your heads when you read "she's back in business, now?" LOL, I totally do...I always have a song in my head, though.
BUT, seriously, I AM back in business now!! I have been almost strictly typing on my iPad for the past five months, as my laptop has slowly reached it's retirement.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to type a lengthy blog post or even an email on a touchscreen? it's ever so fun to have autocorrect change phrases like let's hang out soon to let's gang out soon, or I must pick things up to I must ninja up.  The other day I commented to my friend She is SO adorable about her daughter's photo, oh yes, autocorrect changed it to she is SPA adorable.  Um, what? how do you even get those words from what I typed? anyhow, it has become incredibly tiring to re-read every single thing I type several times...let alone type it with my index fingers on the touch screen.
I am so very happy to announce that we finally have a desktop!! yay!!! the timing wasn't perfect, but, the mr's company was offered a lovely holiday deal that we couldn't pass the little peeps aren't so little anymore and with school research projects and keyboarding and such, it really was time.
I am officially back from my blogging/emailing hiatus!! and so very excited!!!


  1. Sarah!
    What great news! I can't believe you were working from an iPad! Patient lady! was so lovely meeting you at Alt!

    1. It was so fabulous meeting you at Alt Alix!! You are a doll!

  2. Yaaaaaay! I can't wait to see future posts! Oh and congrats on a new desktop, that is reason to celebrate! xoxo