Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This song goes out to my blog Valentine: Brooke, From Under His Feathers

Happy Valentine's day, darling friends! I hope your love day is filled with all kinds of goodness...and in honor of love day I am going to introduce you to my valentine this year bc I know you're going to love her!! Blog, meet Brooke! Brooke, meet Blog!

In January I signed up to participate in a fun little valentine blog exchange...I have never done a blog exchange before...I mean I do #happymail with my instagram peeps...but, I have never done a blog exchange before.
I received an email that went a little something like this:
Brooke, meet Sarah
Sarah, meet Brooke
and it listed our blog addresses....the name of Brooke's blog was "From Under His Feathers," naturally I was of my absolute favorite verses, the kind of verse I cling to when I am scared or feel the waters rising and don't think that this time I can make it, comes from psalm 91 and tells me I will find shelter under His feathers.  Being the blog stalker that I am, I immediately hopped onto Brooke's blog...sure enough, she was quoting that verse.  I felt an instant connection and emailed her immediately to tell her how much I thought my usual declare-my-love-of-you-sarah-fashion, I threw myself at her.  That's what I do...when I like you I tell you.  I'm not a smoke blower, folks, I'm just me...and, I sent that immediate email and then...I did not hear back right away.  I thought, oh great, I've gone and done it again, I've probably shared way too much and I've scared another someone off who probably thinks i am a bit on the crazy side.  BUT, Brooke was out of town...
and I left for Alt Summit and the weeks that led up to that were filled to the brim and I didn't have time to think about how I was sure I had chased off a potential blog friend. LOL.  I arrived in SLC for my first day of Alt and we decided to stop at a bakery for a quick lunch...I was feeling a tad bit insecure about being at such an amazing conference, and about my blog...or lack thereof...I was thinking that perhaps it was time to shut the blog down and focus primarily on my art, or better yet, paying the bills and running to and from activities and all 60 million board meetings...and then, I opened my email to find the sweetest letter  that began like this (I hope it's ok that I am posting this Brooke?):

Hey Sarah -

Just wanted to touch base with you now that I am back in town and had the chance to sit down and read your blog a little more. Girl, you should write more! I just read your post about refinement... It sounds like you have a lot to share, and I, for one, would love to hear more. I am struggling with a lot of the same questions and issues. It seems like when you're going through trials (of any kind), we find ourselves caught between this knowing that God is a redeemer and takes the ugly and makes it beautiful and trusting in that, and wanting it to be over already so we can move on with our lives, unable to really savor what it is in the season that he is doing. I honestly REALLY REALLY am having a hard time with that... being in the moment of the trial and feeling it all, savoring the experience of relationship with God, interacting with him as things happen, experiencing his presence all around at all times in the midst of it... finding joy in the day to day life in spite of the suffering. My trials are different than yours, but I find myself in a very similar place, clinging to those same truths (that Gungor song - one of my FAVES), wondering what it's all for, and wanting to know already. 

I don't know why, but, I started crying right there in that bakery.  What an amazing person.  And in the weeks that followed, I discovered more of what an amazing person I was so divinely paired with for the valentine exchange.  If anyone should write, it is Brooke (seriously go check out her blog)...she is honest and open and her posts are refreshingly real...making you realize you are not alone...she has lived this amazingly beautiful story filled with ups and downs and twists and turns...there have been some serious lows...but, it's funny b/c she really does exhibit the person who knows she will come forth as gold...she is the clay at the wheel and she knows this...she's so brave and so beautiful.  I know she will forever be my lifelong friend...
not JUST b/c she loves vintage, or had her first child at 21 like me, or likes the same music (Brooke has dedicated a playlist for you for later on in the post, in real valentine fashion! I still believe that real friends make mixed tapes! hehe), hates to talk on the phone like me, is wordy like me, answers ALL of her survey questions like me (y'all we would've been paired as college dorm mates b/c our answers were practically identical), or most importantly has THE.EXACT.SAME. dream car as I do!! 
no, she is seriously my kindred spirit!! I feel so blessed to have been paired with such a lovely person and I know it was not by chance and I hope to be forever friends with this little lady!! 

Brooke had this awesome idea-r that we should give each other a survey to get to know each other better..the questions I wrote for Brooke to answer weren't nearly as cool as hers were, but, I so enjoyed reading through her answers!!

fave color: GREEN
fave show: GOLD RUSH or Portlandia
fave store: I love World Market, Hobby Lobby or Forever 21!!
the guilty pleasure you spend money on (I am a total homegoods person): My guilty pleasure is shoe and plants... if I get it in my head that I want a certain style or something I will just go get it and struggle with spending the money! I never buy anything full price but popping for something over $20 seems like a lot to me. Plants... when it's Spring I am really bad about splurging on plants... and garden materials.
urban or rural: Somewhere in between - I love the wide open space of rural but still need a little culture. I would say for my sanity I need rural MORE, so, yeah, rural. 
hot or cold: Probably more hot than cold these days.
fave drink in a coffee shop OR how you take your coffee/tea: I am pretty simple gal. I just like coffee with a lot of cream. If I am going to splurge in a coffee shop I might get something fancy as long as it has whipped cream on top and isn't TOO sweet. In the winter time I take my coffee with egg nog in it and love to have egg nog lattes if I get the chance!
dream car (i desperately want a 1970's vw van...not my practical mommy car): HAHA! I totally want a VW van! We almost got one once but then we watched the crash test ratings. One day I think we'll get one but not for hauling kids in. I traveled in one a little in my past life. As far as a dream car now... gosh, I really love oldie Suburbans. We are on our second one as a family but this last one has been a doozie - lots of problems, so I am just happy to have a car with no problems. I do love Subarus... but we just wrecked our Outback... sooooo.... I guess I am out of answers. OH! I would like a VW TDI wagon... (diesel). There. That's it.
fave song...or write a playlist of current faves to dedicate to my readers (mixed tapes are the epitomy of love and vlanetines day!!): Oh man. Being a musician myself I have many many favorite songs. My all time favorite song has got to be In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Here's a list of a few favorite songs. I like old music. I probably cannot tell you much about very many modern bands.

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (Secret World Live version)
When we Dance - Sting
Bullet the Blue Sky - U2 (and many others on the Joshua Tree album)
Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
Halocene - Bon Iver
Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welch
Eyes of the World - Grateful Dead
I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
Is That Enough - Marvin Gaye 
Use Me - Bill Withers
Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
I Wanna Be Your Lover - Prince
Take it Back - Pink Floyd

I will stop there because the list could go on and on... but hopefully that gives you an idea. I have sooo many interests. I am a musician (singer, guitar player) so I pretty much get stoked over really great music. To make a list of my favorites doesn't even begin to capture my interests. :)

On the day that my valentine package arrived, I nearly hit the floor...I first opened it to find the most adorable (and yummy) candy (sorry, the truffles are not pictured for obvious reasons) 

 and a notebook with the most special note written from Brooke...
 I unwrapped layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap to find THE.MOST.AMAZING. valentine's gift ever!! ohmyword...
 only my closest friends know about my obsession with vintage...and my latest love of vintage jewelry (esp. strung beads)...

 in each little compartment, Brooke had taken the time to write the sweetest little notes containing Bible verses

I really did gasp when I opened my was as if a lifelong friend who knows me inside and out and goes thrifting with me had sent it!! I was SO touched, I felt SUCH love...honestly, I loved this gift to of the best gifts I've ever been given...but, topping all of it, the gift this year was gaining this new friend Brooke and discovering her beautiful blog AND her AHHHMAAAAZING ETSY STORE (seriously, if you love vintage, Brooke is your gal!).  I hope to someday sit and sip our not-so sweet coffees (oh yeah, I take mine almost the same...a teeny bit of sugar) in person!!! 
Happy Valentines Day, Friends! 

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." psalm 91:4


  1. What a cool swap between the two of you. I really love the yoda encouragement! And that shadow box filled with little gifts was such a great idea.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank You SO much Heidi! This was SO much fun- even better to meet someone so awesome!! I hope your Valentine's day was fabulous!

  2. Everything about this story and the two of you is AWESOME!

    1. ahhh Wendy! you are such a dear!! thanks so much!!