Tuesday, February 12, 2013

you are the bow to my arrow

yay! valentine's day is almost here and I'm sending you a little valentine love!! Unless you follow me on instagram or know me in real life, you probably don't know that I am a collage artist!

for valentine's day, I am giving you a printable of one of my original mixed media collages (all of my collages are made using recycled in, I turn other people's paper trash into something new)
Need a quick last minute valentine idea? print my bow and arrow PDF (sorry, it's really big! eeek, like has to be so you can see all of the seams!)

in our house we paired this little valentine with handmade bows & arrows for the boys in our classrooms and hair bows for the girls.  The added valentine swag is super easy to create and made using only items we had on hand!
a little wire, skewers, washi tape, and twine and you are well on your way to valentine weapons!!! weapons are really important if you are a boy.

The bows are simply hot glue, felt and tulle (well, and alligator clips)...and I am talking the twenty cent sheets of felt from the craft dept and the rolls of tulle in the diy wedding section.

Hope your love day is fabulous, friends!! Enjoy!
***Make sure to choose LANDSCAPE for the orientation when printing your valentines! Also, this file is very large! A little message will pop up notifying you that it has exceeded the size limit, click on "download anyway," and you will be taken to the valentines*** PS these really shine when printed on photo or brochure paper. xoxo


  1. C L E V E R. The girls in Cooper's class would really want to sit next to him if I managed to pull this one off!
    An aside.. today when I dropped him off at preK his cutie little crush Kennedy came up to me with a book. She pointed to the cover which had two cupids pointing their bows at each other. She said "this one's Cooper" pointing at the boy. I asked who's this one? She said it's ME! and Audrey. And then Chloe piped in..& ME too! Lordy! Here we go.
    These turned out GREAT, Sarah Golden Heart. You did it! & Posted! Happy Happy Heart Day.

    1. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Margo, you are in so much trouble with that little cutie-patootie LOL! What does Cooper have to say about all of his admirers?! lol, he probably doesn't even notice, huh? He is such a doll.
      Thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments! you are such a dear friend and great encourager!

  2. super cute! i love the little bow & arrows!!!

    1. Jane! Thank you so much, sweet girl! You've been on my heart all month...then I hopped on your blog and saw why! How are you holding up? How is recovery? Im thinking of you and so happy surgery is over!!

  3. love the collages!!!! I will email you some of mine as soon as my big back up hard drive arrives in our shipment from the states! It should be in hamburg this week, then through swiss customs and maybe I will have it by months end! We should meet up in paris! xoxo

  4. Oh Paris would be divine, how fun would that be?! Yay, I can't wait to see your work, Hollee!