Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sunday Brunch: French Toast Waffles

Good morning, friends! Is it SERIOUSLY Sunday already?! Wowsas, I find it sad that I have not posted since the last Sunday Brunch Series!! Sorry about that guys!
I am currently away at an athletic event for my kids, so, my contribution to this little link-up series is going to be a little bit more condensed than my usual post...

I do love a good brunch...weekends are my favorite because we can spend more time baking and most importantly, more time eating!! I love to sit and linger over coffee, good food, and good music...many a weekend we find ourselves seated at the farm table, still in our pajamas, eating and conversing long after the morning is over.

This little recipe is incredibly simple, however it is one of our family's faves!! I like it not only for the weekend but for a quick school day recipe, as well! It comes from my go-to cook book, Joy of Cooking

2 eggs
1/2 Cup Milk
dash of salt
1/4 Cup Melted butter
Thick sliced bread trimmed to fit in a waffle iron (our clan prefers sourdough)

In a shallow pie dish beat eggs by hand, add milk + salt and whisk together.
Whisk in melted butter, the butter will clump as it hits cooler ingredients, so be sure to continue stirring while coating bread.
Coat bread slices well on both sides in the batter.  Toast it for one and half to two minutes on waffle iron until bread reaches desired french toasty consistency.
YUMMY in my tummy is all I have to say about that!

Hope your Sunday is fabulous, friends!! Want to share your fave recipe with us today?! Link up!! Make sure to grab the code and insert it into your shared blog post.


  1. Yaa.. my favorite-one. Well now, that is one clever idea. You must lie awake nights thinking of this stuff, lol. It actually looks really good too. Plus, you save cleaning up a fry pan. Excellent all the way around. Cheers!

    1. You are too sweet! These are super tasty...and yes! No cleaning of a fry pan, the best part, of course!