Hi, I am Sarah and this is my personal blog where I share tidbits of my life as a wife, mama, collage artist, and believer...
and sometimes, if I haven't broken or forgotten my camera, you might even get to view a picture or two! 

let's just be honest, welcome to my online diary where I probably share a little too much information.

This blog began in 2009 simply as a creative outlet for me, during a time when life had taken some crazy unexpected turns, and I was too ill and emotionally exhausted to create- my favorite thing to do, ever!  It has since blossomed into more of an online journal than anything, as I navigate my way through this little life I have been blessed with!

A little bit about me:
Pink is my favorite color.
this blog is not named after ringo starr or his girl.
I like to create.  A lot. Like, everyday.
I would sew on paper all day if I could.
I don't like to be cold.
I love thrifting.
I have two babies, C & T...who don't like to be called babies anymore :o(
I am married to my best friend in the whole wide world, ringo.
We have moved 14 times and counting
& I am learning how to live with my new rare genetic disease, called porphyria. (LOL I make the disease sound like it's a puppy!)
Really, what else is there to tell?
I am a collage artist, and maker of sorts!  I am a paper seamstress, paper artist, installer of random, & creator of whimsy (quoting my business card, for you there!).

I am not going to lie to you, I am a total instagrammer...I.LOVE.INSTAGRAM!! SO, for a closer glimpse at my daily creative life, follow me on instagram (or facebook, but I really only joined FB to rsvp to you really won't see much there, lol!!). Coming soon...I promise, a link to my etsy store!!
Also, check out the other fun blog that I sometimes contribute to: Bye Bye Food Dye

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  1. Ahhhh you're my favorite!!! So happy I found you on Instagram, friend!! You make me smile, with every post. I can't wait to look more closely at some of your recipes on here too....especially the (dough)nuts!!