Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a very long run-on sentence about my dream car

isn't she a dream? and when i say "she" i am not referring to the female in this pic...i am talking about that blue beauty parked on the street? haha, when we were visiting my parents earlier this summer i saw her and i made matt pull over and take my picture with her, of course i saved the photo...i even saved it on my mom's computer in case she is missing me and wants to see me alongside a great fact i have taken similar pics of blue vw vans from the '70's that we pass on the kids scream out "MOOOOMMMM! a VW van," every time they see one on a, no my children do not see my pining for the latest luxury vehicle, it's a blue vw van, white top half and ideally, it would have a white covered tire in the front...some kitschy curtains...and a little rust hole for birdies to live in (this one DOES have that). Matt has learned that when i gasp and smash my face plus both hands up against my car window it is not to warn him that he is approaching a head-on-collision, no, he is approaching his wife's dream car. can't you just see me chugging up to my kids school, amidst all of the other parents and their dream cars, in this beauty?! can you imagine how many people i could pile into her? OR the furniture pieces i could fit in her? i know, i know, she probably tops out at 45mph, and sure, she doesn't have AC or an automatic start button, or even a plug for my ipod...but oh, isn't she dreamy?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the mixed tape

well folks, one of my favorite times of the year is here again and this blog is about to get sappy!! it's our anniversary!!

happy anniversary to you and me, ringo!!

in honor of this fabulous occasion, we are celebrating by creating the best love-gift ever...mixed tapes...pretend ones at least! LOL.

We are celebrating our anniversary together-apart this year because of a project that has us in separate states...and, knowing my LOVE of all things celebration, Matt asked how I planned to have us celebrate this year...after pondering MANY ideas...we narrowed our choices down to two:

1) mixed tape play lists posted on the blog to surprise each other

2) surprise tattoos created to express our love (I envisioned something real original like our last name on my neck like you see on the back of some people's cars or up their arms...then I realized my last name is so long it would wrap around my entire not so sure that would be very classy).

we deducted that tattoos are entirely too permanent for a couple of kids whose marriage has evolved around, Matt suggested that we save that idea for year 11...and, after much thought we've decided that OF COURSE a mixed tape is the perfect ninth anniversary gift to each other...we grew up making those things...don't you remember the days of calling in to the radio station and requesting a song then waiting and hitting RECORD the second it played...or recording songs from other people's mixed tapes in their cassette player??! seriously...this is totally taking me back. I have spent the day carefully choosing my tunes...imagining in my mind that the old cassette player is still in commission as I am picking songs that flow together with the theme in mind: matt and sarah forever, lol. We are not taking this task lightly...Matt even turned down a dinner w/a colleague tonight b/c of this anniversary challenge. He told his colleague "sorry, I have to make a play list," and I imagine the response went a little something like this: "um, okay. a play list? for what?"

The invention of itunes has turned our old plastic cassette tapes into downloaded play lists...even a couple of years ago, we would've made each other mix-CD's...but, 2010 we are creating play lists...and why not post them here to share with all of you...sappy love songs from one best friend to another...

i love you, ringo!! i couldn't have imagined the past nine years without you!! here is my play list...a compilation of songs for our Sunday morning breakfasts (side note: we listen to music on Sunday mornings...we brew our coffee, dance around the kitchen, then all four of us eat breakfast, sip coffee and cocoa and listen to some nice tunes either from our personal music collection or sometimes from the suggestions on don miller's sunday morning blog! if we have a house w/a patio we sit there...if we don't, we sit around the farmhouse table that matt refinished), i tried not to add songs that are in my car my absolute song always dedicated to you "i like being with me when I'm with you" by drew holcomb (check it out everyone...super cute...and let me reiterate: i dedicate that one to my sweet husband).

anyhow here is my list:

1.all my days (alexi murdoch)

2.all I want is you (juno soundtrack)

3.i'm so lonesome i could cry (hank williams) i had to throw an "i miss you song" in, and who better than hank williams sr?!!!

4. I wanna grow old with you (Adam Sandler/the wedding singer)

5. I melt with you (Jason Mraz remix)

6. if i were a carpenter (johnny cash and june carter)

7. angel (jack johnson)

8. when you are gone (the cranberries)

9.if you are wondering if you want me to (weezer) haha you know i had to throw in weezer!

10.obla di obla da (the beatles)

and's time for Matt's play list...just to let you all know, I am viewing it for the first time as I type it for cheating from this girl...he emailed it to me after he finished it up with strict instructions not to read it until I finished mine and posted it. so...without further adieu...

lol ohmygoodness! you are cracking me up, matt!! you have no idea how cute you are...

matt's play list:


My love, here is my list of songs for you for our anniversary. In no particular order, the list is below. I love you so much. Send me a link to the blog once you have finished it. I love you so much. I can't wait to see the songs on your play list.

1.When I'm 64(Beatles)
(from the beginning)

2.All of my days (Alexi Murdoch)
(from the 'Away we go' soundtrack)

3.If you're wondering if I want you to (Weezer)
(because you always dance to it)

4.Fix you (Coldplay)

5.A long December (Counting Crows)
(because this year will be (even) better than the last)

6.Say I won't (Recognize) (Gaslight Anthem)

7.Nine in the Afternoon (Panic At the disco)

8.Chasing cars (Snow Patrol)

9.Oh No (Andrew Byrd)
(From our weekend coffee drinking album)

10.Troublemaker (Weezer)
(76092, need I say more)

well...I warned you all that it would get sappy...OHMYGOODNESS...reading your play list took me from tears to are the cutest. this is seriously the BEST anniversary gift ever...with the stretchy $6 elastic cubic zirconium band sliding in for a close second place (thank you by the way...who doesn't love a conflict-free stretchy glittery ring?! a fabulous gift choice if i do say so myself...i'll just go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for that one!)...I LOVE this way of celebrating...except next time, let's be in the same state (wink!)

WOW, I could seriously go on and, you have no idea how many of those same songs i ALMOST put on my play list!!

OKAY, i'll stop sharing my sappiness with the world and pick up the phone and call you, my darling husband. happy ninth anniversary, ringo. i love you so much.

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: if one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Eccl 4:9-12
*photo taken in 2006!! wowsas!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart...where?

my absolute favorite verse in the Bible is 1 Thessalonians 5:16:

"Be joyful always"

simple instructions for life:

be joyful ALWAYS!!! (love it!!), let's think about this simple, yet difficult, command...

what does the life of one who is "joyful always" look like?

If we were to examine our own lives and apply such instructions, how might they look differently?

would we take less personally? read into other's words and actions alot less? anger less? would we speak kinder words and words of encouragement? and, if we were joyful always, wouldn't that joy apply to the successes of others? would there be less jealousy and hurt in our world?

I think one reason I love this verse is because it commands us to be joyful- to actually seek to be filled with joy...of course, this is totally my "mantra" if you will, lol, I love ANY reason to celebrate, throw a party, or just have a good time.

We recently visited our friends in Denver and the four of us decided to drive past our cottage that we owned a few years's funny because all four of us sat in the middle of that dark street remembering what great times we had in that 600 square foot house (hence the name "cottage"). Weekly, someone's bday or some random holiday was celebrated, backyard cookouts or flaming grill marshmallow roastings were held, water balloon fights, sparklers, Bible studies, margarita nights, roller derbys, bubble gum blowing contests...okay you get it...but, that was our house and it was so much fun.

I guess I can definitely appreciate a Bible verse that's telling me I have to have fun...

and I don't believe that this "joy" that's spoken of is something we are waiting to occur in Heaven (however, I do believe we'll be doing all kinds of partying in Heaven!)...I believe the life we have here on earth was meant to be joy-filled.

Let's take this week and find more ways to add a little joy to our lives and to the lives of others...and let's also take this week to look for the good in all situations...because being a joyful person is such a fun way of approaching life!


Friday, July 9, 2010

row row row your boat

If you had a boat and you saw your friend drowning would you paddle over, help them into your boat, and take them to shore? or would you paddle over to them and point out their lack of a life-jacket, explain their stupidity in not having one, or tell them what they really need is a boat like yours and ask them why on earth they are even in the water drowning in the first place? perhaps you might like to leave them in the water drowning and take a moment to go over every life decision they have made in order to lead them to this act of drowning?

OR wouldn't you rather just offer them your hand and pull them into your paddle boat and row them to shore? wouldn't you rather offer them the little resources you have and help prevent them from drowning completely?

isn't it sort of the same in life?

it's so easy to look at the situations of other people, to see their messes and to forget that we too were once drowning...we forget our lives are just as messy and sit in our boats explaining why we believe that someone else is drowning...we might even point out to our peers floating in boats around us how our drowning friend is swimming wrong during such an occasion.

Sometimes it's so easy to forget that we have a boat that could help our drowning friend, and out of fear when we see them drowning, it's easier to judge....but, really, sometimes all that's needed is a little space on your words are necessary. WE don't have to point out why our childhood friend's marriage is failing, or how ridiculous another friend was to choose a dangerous path,

we just need to paddle over and pull them onto our boat.

Sometimes I believe I don't have anything or enough to offer help...but, I do have a boat...and I do have arms to paddle.

read romans 14:1-4 and ephesians 2:12-13