Saturday, November 26, 2011

overly civilized turkey

the happiest turkey on Thanksgiving day
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of you!!
so, this is the hushed conversation I overheard C & T having after a pre-thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house:

T: "Did you eat that Turkey there?"
C: "Yes...a little..."
T: "Me too,"
C: "I felt kind of bad,"
T: "Me too."

and...since it IS that time of year, I feel ANOTHER turkey story couldn't hurt! I got another funny update on Olive(R)...(s)He is doing fabulously and is apparently the sweetest turkey much so, that her new turkey-mama told my mother that people who meet her are SO shocked at how sweet and gentle she is...I guess all of those hot baths, bike rides, nail painting sessions, and her own special purse for attending parties really paid off, now, didn't they?  who knew that snuggling a turkey from birth could make them sweet? bet you didn't!

Monday, November 21, 2011

jumbled thoughts

7 And Joshua said, “Alas, Sovereign LORD, why did you ever bring this people across the Jordan to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy us? If only we had been content to stay on the other side of the Jordan! Joshua 7:7

3 The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the LORD’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” Exodus 16:3

ohmygoodness, how many times have I said the same thing? how many times have I freaked out because we have no $ in our bank account and a stack of bills piled up....or when we took the job here and our landlords back there charged us $8000 that we didn't have b/c of the fine fine fine print on the lease we signed (after discussing our situation with them and getting a completely different lease breaking number from them prior to signing our lease)...or each and every time i find myself in a very very uncomfortable situation....I scream those same words. 
I'm not going to lie to you.  I have not for one instant enjoyed being "financially unstable."  I do NOT like knowing that our savings account is pretty much non-existent...or negative, that's a better description of it half the time LOL.  I do NOT not not for one instant WANT to be in want...I do not enjoy being sick OR most importantly all of the Dr. bills that contribute to our zero balance bank account.
but, then, I guess I wouldn't need to trust in God, now, would I? lol...I am asking myself that question, not you.
I wanted, with all of my heart, to go to SCAD.  We wanted to live in our apmt near the beach.  We planned for this dreamy warm weather lifestyle...this snowy cold environment hours from anything metropolitan just so we can have better health benefits was most certainly not in our PLANS.
I'll be honest, I am just like those complaining Israelites...I find such comfort knowing that they witnessed with their own eyes, some pretty amazing miracles, and yet, still found themselves questioning God, questioning what on earth they did leaving a place where they had food.  I take such comfort in knowing that they were just like I am: scared, confused, and trying to gain control of the mess I've found myself in on a daily basis.

6 In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7 These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:6-7

I have not not not enjoyed being sick.  Not for a single moment, when I am spinning or trying not to throw up or losing feeling in my limbs, have I said "oh this is so great, God is growing me! He's teaching me to trust in Him! this feels so fabulous!" LOL maybe I've said it in sarcasm...but, honestly, I haven't realized that is what is happening during the pain...I don't recognize growth until I've crossed over through the "trial." 
I remember hearing a sermon by Joyce Meyer and she pointed out that in order to understand this verse:
"31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

we must first understand what an eagle is like...they WAIT for the storm...they WATCH it as it rolls in...THEN, spread their wings and as it HITS them, they SOAR up above it.  I guess I've always translated that verse as something like this "because I am a Christian and I try to hope in God, I won't have any troubles, I will always be strong, and I will always soar like an eagle.  Because I am a Christian I will never get tired, and never be faint," lol...much to my surprise, this Christianity mumbo jumbo is not panning out to be the easy soaring-running-full-of-energy kinda journey that I thought it was going to be. 
I find, I am realizing, that this is more of a journey of trust...of learning to place my trust in the writer of my story.  I am finding that this story doesn't actually revolve around me...I guess I've always thought that I played the leading role...when mine is actually more of a supporting actress role...some days I really have no idea who i am, i have so many roles...especially now that I've stepped back into the world of my childhood where i slip back into roles that have been chosen for me...i spend days trying to figure out which label i am...we all do it...we go to parties, we meet people, and instantly categorize people...we give each other our resumes: where we are from, where we went to college, what we studied, what our chosen profession is, what our zip code is...yada yada yada...
and i really throw it all off. 
i am in chronological order:
a daughter
a sister
a college drop out after 4years in pre-med sciences
a failure...never reaching any one's expectations of me
a college knock-up...twice
a wife to my best friend
a mother to some fabulous little people
a stay-at-home mama
an artist...with no formal art education other than my private school days and self taught
my parents' administrative assistant (that's a fancy way of saying, I somehow have my high school job back)

and I struggle to figure out which story I'd like to finish...I didn't really struggle with this until I moved here and I have parents and people I knew from my childhood asking me what I plan to do with my life...or I have people ask me why I am back and I have to explain our only reason for moving here...
and yet, with each God brings different people into my life, I just really want to "be" in this world He has thrown me into...I don't really want to figure out my retirement plan, or even spend my days resting in bed b/c my body protests...I just really want to "be." I want to love my husband and my kids, I want to love people, I want to enjoy these few days I do have on earth...I struggle with this need to find purpose in life...and maybe that's just it...maybe the whole American career-driven purpose isn't all that it's cracked up to be...maybe that's what blinds me, blinds us...the drive to find success and mostly security (isn't that why many of us changed our college majors to pharmacy from one of our gifts/passions in college? or some other career that guaranteed super fantastic job security and loads of cash??)...maybe I miss out on all of the people around me as I try to finish all of the stories that I started years ago.  because when I ask myself, if I had a year to live, what would I want to be remembered as?? would i want to have paid off all of my debt (well, yes...but), to have a ton of money in savings? to have quickly finished my three upper level chemistry courses (that I remember nothing about) to finish with a chem degree when i don't even want a career in a chemistry related field??
I, in this world, tend to freak out about our finances...we started out young, and in college, and with kids right away...that's not exactly a recipe for financial success.  but, God teaches me on a daily basis to trust in I look back on all of the times we've had huge bills come in, He has always provided...the time when we had mortgage and rent in two separate states...we had just enough...the huge Dr. bills were somehow paid as well.  i am learning that perhaps, maybe, this life isn't about's about the story and who it points to.  what story does my life tell? what story does your life tell? or, more importantly, what do we want it to tell?

in the grand scheme of things...aren't we all just living one form of a redemptive story or another? and aren't we helping others to write redemptive stories for those around us too?

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
10 As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:8-11

Friday, November 11, 2011

I know, I suck at this friend thing

I know, I know...I've been a terrible blogging has taken a busy turn these past couple of weeks...I've barely even checked my email!
I was cracking up at the post on this blog today...ohmygoodness, can I ever relate! LOL she illustrated my house over the past two years...hilarious.  enjoy reading Amber's blog...and I promise, I'll write again soon.

Monday, October 31, 2011

all dressed up

three times today, my Halloween costume has been commented on...
"look at you all decked out!" or "I LOVE your costume!" and my personal favorite (from my mother): "Is THIS your Halloween costume? what are you going as?"
perhaps it's these adorable leg warmers that I'm sporting...I made them JUST this morning, and was pretty darn proud of myself:
"i'm going as Sarah today," i told my mom

ouch! white tights make calves look much bigger!
so a little girl came to our door for candy tonight and lamented on how much she loved my costume, I laughed and said, "funny thing, these are my REAL clothes," to which she shrugged an replied, "still, I like your costume." LOL! are the promised Halloween pix...what a fun weekend it has been:

I seriously don't like bloody/scary Halloween things...but, these are completely allergen free (soy-dairy-gluten-& egg free they do have almond butter) severed finger cookies...I was determined to make a festive food that I and some kids in C's class could eat...I find them about as disgusting tasting as they look, but, surprisingly, the Mr. likes them, LOL...this from the man with a super picky food palette! 

already on sugar-high #3 of the day...just emptied candy bags, had some sugar melt-downs and are off to gather more CANDY

ahhhh and the night is finally over, LOL...the mr. and I have been dragging these last few hours of sugar little sugar plums are snuggled fast asleep in bed, the mr. is painting now, and I should be working on a project for class...I just can't seem to peel myself off of the floor in front of the fireplace.  happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

my kids look so adorable today...only i have no proof b/c i am without my camera (*Noooo I did not break it, it's still kickin') and all of my cute pix of them are on it, waiting to download.
here...let me see if this picture on my camera phone will do their cuteness justice...
nope, not really...but, here they are anyway:

More to come from Cleopatra and the Garden Gnome.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

big head sarah

have y'all noticed my new profile picture? That's a graffiti of my face! LOL i LOVE that thing!! i don't ordinarily love photos of myself plastered all over the place...but this baby is SO funny! I woke up on my birthday, earlier this summer to discover my giant head on my front porch...i knew right away, who had done brother!! he is amazing!! this GIANT head sits up above my kitchen cupboards awaiting for my other three family members to join fabulous would that be!?! six foot spray painted heads of my whole family all over my walls!! next i'd like him to make a mural on my tall hall wall out of permanent markers...i saw it done years ago in an issue of LIVING ETC (only the best home mag ever!), one of the home owners had hired a local artist to create their family portrait on their entry wall!! i have wanted one ever since...only i no longer have smooth plaster walls, so, i am not so sure how well it will work.  I let the kids paint their walls (actually we commissioned their dad to paint them) in black chalkboard paint and b/c our walls are textured, it's way too hard to draw with chalk on, they have black walls minus drawings b/c they don't like to draw on all that bumpiness :o( anyhow, that's all I really have to share at the moment...i am surrounded with piles of laundry and dirty, i had better stop wasting your time and mine.

Friday, October 7, 2011

yay for you and me day!

mixed media Sarah Alexander

i never actually show my art work on this blog...mostly because I don't like it after a while (you know how that see all of the flaws)...but i guess this is somehow stored on my web, I thought I'd post it is HAPPY YOU & ME day, why not post a cute wedding pic of my parents? That's my dad and mom when they were just wee ones!  I have this collage sitting on my piano and in a line of vintage inspired gift tags...I created it years and years everyone collages photos...even target LOL (I LOVE target, but have you noticed how they sell the same cute stuff that we sell on etsy and at a better price?! darn you target! but i still love you) i still think my parents are cuties, so here you go.
Today is the anniversary of the day that my Mr. and I met.  I will never never never forget that cold day. My friend, Denise, convinced me to go to the homecoming football game...and by convinced, I mean, DRAGGED! I do not like football (don't worry, I got over this once M started working at the Cowboys stadium in I think i didn't like football growing up b/c the games were in SNOW outside and I really don't like to be cold), it was by chance...actually it was divine ;o) that I made it to a game where Ringo just happened to be visiting his frat brothers!!! and...the rest is history.  Now, begins the weekend of pure celebration! yay for you and me ringo, i love you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we are so in love. we like to wear matching jewelry

please excuse the high-quality-ness of my camera phone (no, I know what you are thinking, I did not break my that's a record!)...
I kept slapping these friendship bracelets on the mr. and he would immediately rip them off and eat them before I could photograph him in his snazzy new accessories...I held his hand down and grabbed the nearest camera- my phone. 
Look at our twin bracelets...some couples have framed photos of their wedding bands, we...we have matching twizzlers pull and peel bracelets.  I even made my kids some for their lunches today, with a little note that read "please wear my friendship bracelet. love, mom" they were much more appreciative of their new accessories (mmmm's GIVING us sugar?! umm YES I'll wear your friendship bracelet, mom!)
I actually took this photo to email to myself so I could frame it as a present for the mr. for the anniversary of the day we met (yes, we celebrate everything)...then he said "you aren't taking that picture for a frame, you are going to blog about it!" what a fabulous idea!! so, here you are my love, a picture AND a blog about our matching-we-are-in-love-bracelets...for an early happy anniversary of meeting each other (so glad we did)present. happy you & me day (on october 7). love you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ooooh where is T's hairbrush??

image 1

how could you not love a face like that? i'd like to introduce you to T's twin! ohmygoodness isn't he the cutest?!
T likes to wear his hair all nappy like this right now (i wish i could capture a picture but he always runs and hides from me)'s what all the cool kids on his team are sporting right now (honestly, though, i must say i can't blame them...they get home from practice so late with freshly showered heads and go straight to the pillow creating all that bed-headedness)...i even convinced him that those 97cent brushes in the travel section that fold into themselves are oh so cool...that lasted about a day...i guess he doesn't want to be the only boy sporting a hairbrush in the locker room.  oh well.  he's cute.  so is his twin (see photo above).  we are going to go meet his twin this weekend to see if maybe we are all a match for each other!! his mama was describing his personality and I have to admit I was cracking up at how similar he is to our T!! I think both C & T will be so excited when we surprise them with a meet & greet with this cute little fella!
I am already in love with him!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I just read the best that made me super uncomfortable, thinking about all of the times when we didn't know how we would make ends meet, scary times when HUGE bills came...and yet, it somehow all worked out...but for some people that is their DAILY reality...some people would dream of living in a house like mine, or even having the credit to get a car loan for a car or cars like mine...
I remember helping this woman to rush to get in line at the homeless shelter in Denver because the temperature would most definitely drop that winter night...and then going home to my warm little cottage, turning on the fire, then curling up under piles of blankets...
I'll do the same tonight.  i sit comfortably on my cozy couch with dozens of candles in my favorite scent (Yankee home sweet home) lit...I rationed these expensive candles out...just as I've rationed my expensive mascara out so that I could make two more long trips to the Dr this month...and so I could add a fun class to my schedule...I rationed a few things out so that my kids could add some new activities to their extra-curriculars...those two are snuggled in their own beds in their own rooms...they will wake to a warm breakfast and a car to drive them to school.  We have a good job with good benefits, we have playrooms and creative spaces in our house and a nice little fenced cookie cutter yard...
how selfishly I live...yes, we DO have to be very very frugal, we have to live very simply...the Mr. and I find creative ways to clothe ourselves and we may go without but our kids, our kids have never.  WE are SO spoiled and SO very very rich, we really do want for nothing when you consider how much so many others in our very own country are the mama in the following story, read the article I just read...and then click on this link: your last $1000 I ran out of money on day 10. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

morning laugh

OMG we cannot stop laughing...we do not know how they did it, but our kids made television! check out my back seat

what does your back seat look (or smell) like?
LOL I told my husband that our cars are smelly (I meant the funny exhaust smells they make) and he said, like I had no idea what took place in the seat behind me and all of these years it was piling up, "umm, babe I'm pretty sure that's rotten food you are smelling."

Saturday, September 17, 2011

artichoke sauce

So, I've been looking for a yummy artichoke sauce recipe ever since I had the yummiest pizza ever at a vegetarian restaurant...I was able to choose my sauce and all of my,  sometimes my "creativity" can be a bit too much but the combination of artichoke sauce+olives+fresh tomatoes (now no longer allowed in my diet)+olives+feta+mozzarella was deeeeeeelightful!
Here is a yummy recipe that I was actually a pasta sauce that contained chicken, but I omitted those things and tweaked it...then spread it on probably the grossest ever gluten free pizza dough (tasted like we were eating flour...could've saved myself some time and not cooked it at all)...but the sauce alone flavored it so well it made up for dough grossness! we threw some salami, olives, feta and mozzarella over this sauce and it was so tasty.  I spread this sauce cold on toast today...i think it might be kind of good on a ciabbata (sp?) bun with some sandwich makings too...anyhow, here's the recipe we used:

artichoke sauce
Heat 2T olive oil in skillet on med-high and cook 2 minced garlic cloves about a minute
then add:
1/4 white wine
s & p to taste
1- 15oz can artichoke hearts drained and pureed [(to a thick paste) in food processor]

reduce heat and cook until heated through. 

then ADD:
1/4-1/2 Cup (or more, I just tossed a bunch of handfuls in) of fresh shredded Parmesan
about 2T dried basil...i didn't measure.

cook  until cheese has melted into sauce and basil has softened.

Spread a thin layer over pizza dough as a tomato-ish sauce substitution. 

retired carneys

lol a tad bit creepy

a tad bit creepier

I love cotton candy

and the cotton-candy-maker

one of the many many ways we celebrated turning ten this past summer was to throw a 'stache party...I couldn't look at the mister without laughing...i tried to talk to him into shaving his mustache into shape the week before our party to "support the cause" but he wouldn't do it.  We kept the cotton candy machine an extra day and my sweet love made loads and loads of cotton candy...ahhh...he sure does know the key to this girl's heart. 
**side story** M was home for lunch one day this past summer and he left the garage door open...he heard a knock on the door...when he opened it, some neighbor's were there to frantically warn him that a turkey had gotten into his garage...M is a very quiet and often serious looking, he just shrugged and said "yes, I know, she lives here," (i told him he should've acted shocked and ran and picked her up and shooed her out, you know for a show) lol the neighbors walked off muttering "what kind of neighborhood is this?"*** SO on the night that we sat up making cotton candy in the very noisy cotton candy machine (we attempted this in our kitchen and wound up with grainy "floss" all over the floors) Matt said, "the neighbors probably think we are former carneys with a turkey in our yard and now a cotton candy machine," he decided we should hang a sign on our door that says "retired carney."  We delivered cotton candy, rather than cookies, to the neighbors. 
Olive getting a stroller ride...T says she's "overly civilized."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

food allergies: the thing that changed my life (well, for this month at least)

duh.  of course a food allergy would change your changing my life, I mean...I suddenly have more free time (well less time in the kitchen)! YES, it's still sad to not be able to eat a reeses in all it's chocolatey peanut buttery goodness...but baby this food allergy thing, THIS month, it's pure motivation...
I finally did it.  I finally took the whole once-a-month-cooking-challenge...and it is fabulous.  truly fabulous. 
yes, I did, indeed, want to shoot myself in the foot DURING the whole food prep/cooking thing...and yes, the time optimist in me, TOTALLY miscalculated how long it would actually take...time optimist says 1 day, reality says 3-4 days (and thanks to my sweet husband, who did ALL of the vegetable chopping, he shaved at least a day off of that total)....LOL I really only have one meal left to make, BUT we've had the flu at our house followed by me chaperoning a fourth/fifth grade camp, followed by another, I'd have to say 29 out of 30 meals ain't that bad.  and ain't is not a word by the way...I must state that fact b/c there is the little boy who says it all the time as if it were a word and my little T came home, said it, followed by me saying "we do not say 'aint' it is not a word," to which he replied, "yes it is, Colter says it all the time." thank you, Colter. 
Anyhow, Once a month cooking is seriously the coolest invention we'll see how some of the meals turned out once I thaw them...but, it's SO nice to be able to grab a meal based on how you feel and heat it...that's right, heat it.  Both my hubby and I are super picky about lots of food...we really do like things made from scratch, and I'm so not kidding when I tell you we really do not like fast, I felt completely overwhelmed by these new food allergies popping up right when our lives start to get busier with the school year and fall activities starting back up...ALL of my go-to-quick recipes contain soy or not kidding. 
Here's the best part of my once a month cooking: cookie dough on hand.  I was in the middle of making chocolate chip cookie dough the night before we did our once a month shopping, when creative Thursday started (more on that later), so I quickly balled up the dough and divided it into little zip locks and VOILA...cookie dough for me to eat.  along with the occasional hot cookie on command...loving that! ohmygoodness, now I am craving cookies.

I wanted to share this fabulous recipe, I found it while searching on my ipod forever ago, so, I am so sorry to whoever posted it, I cannot remember you to link up!! OH and also I am sharing it from memory, lol, so if it doesn't taste right, tweak it!!! This recipe is one that you can throw into your freezer in a large zip lock...if you are buying a large bag of chicken breast and have five minutes to pull 4 tenderloins out, it's that simple! You need:

4 Chicken breast tenderloins (pounded thin)
zest of 1 lime
chopped cilantro (about a tablespoon)
1-2 T olive oil
juice of 1 lime

I basically threw everything in a zip lock minus the lime juice.  I put the lime juice in its own little zip lock then placed all of it into another large freezer bag.  I froze it, then let it thaw the day I needed it. 
The recipe says to throw the lime juice in about 15 minutes before cooking...not sure how long we let it sit in there, probably longer....

we were heading up to cook over a camp fire, and I'll be honest, as grilling weather nears its end I can only take so many hot dogs and hamburgers (no matter how kosher or high of quality of meat they are) SO we grabbed this bag of frozen marinated chicken and, VOILA another meal on command!! LOL i wanted to share this recipe b/c one doesn't actually have to prepare an entire month's worth of cooking for this could simply throw the ingredients together and have it frozen for a quick dinner.  We had refried black beans and white rice with this...SO yummy...yummy enough that my child who never actually eats, requested more the next day. 

another easy peezy freezy meal: soups.  y'all probably already knew this fact...soups freeze and reheat fabulously, and you don't exactly have to thaw these dishes overnight...i always freeze my left over soup in individual portions for sports practice nights...or place it in a large ziplock and place the frozen block in my crock pot if I'm not planning to be home, or throw it on the stove on low. 

anyhow, that's all I have to share from my plethura of cooking confusion knowledge...

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ten years ago yesterday, I remember waking up and watching the news...or listening to it, rather, to keep track of time as I got ready for work.  I remember the horrifying clips of all that was going on that morning...and I remember thinking, "I'm bringing a baby into this world...I can't raise a baby in this world, what am I doing?!"
I was far from NYC as the twin towers crashed to the ground, but, I remember that day vividly.
Today, I still have moments where I ask myself what on earth I am doing raising children in this on earth can I shelter them from all of the acts of can I keep them small and innocent forever? how how can I train them up to be little activists? lovers of ALL human beings? kind, giving, compassionate, forgiving, merciful, gracious? HOW? how do they not become jaded by all of the hurt in the world? how do I keep them from being hurt so they never hurt? These questions ran through my mind ten years ago and honestly have at least once a week since each of my children have been born.  There are times when I just want to put my children in a bubble so they can be sweet and innocent little people for all of their they can grow up and meet a nice person who loves them very much, who was raised in a bubble too and they can live happily ever after and never suffer any pain.
but that is not real.  what's even less real is expecting them to be kind by placing them in a bubble...ha! that couldn't be farther from the truth...yes, I have done my best to instill love and compassion in those babes of mine...but, let's face it, they are human and were born own little world at home is filled with tantrums and treating siblings unkindly...I have to take those moments and use them as teachable moments in hope that my children will go out into the real world and exhibit the same kind of love they are shown at home....
I realize that by sheltering my kids from the hurt and pain in the world, I am leaving them in the same American bubble that frustrates me...the one where celebrity gossip makes more time on the news than does the tragedies taking place all over the world and to little people the same age as my children...I realize that I MUST educate my children on horrible horrible acts like 9/11, the holocaust, heart mountain, slavery both in our country and happening to people currently ALL over, civil wars taking place RIGHT now in other parts of the world, starvation, orphans, HIV, homelessness...I MUST tell them about these horrible things, so that they have compassion, so that they can help stand up against such they can love on others.
what I find most sad is when hatred is taught...when prejudices are sewn into the minds of little children...that, that kind of hatred can only be learned.  I remember not liking the looming racial tensions that still exist in the south...being raised in the west (or north from a southerner's perspective) and very far removed from prejudice, I had no idea hatred like that could exist...and, to be completely honest, when we arrived in matter how excited I was to be at SCAD, I was so afraid that my children might be around people who still held onto their southern prejudices, feelings that had been passed down from one generation to the next...I hated the thought that my children could even be exposed to such things.  That is one thing that will NEVER be okay in my book...never, never, never...
I want you to read my blogging friend, Sabina's story, I like to read Sabina's blog because she is quite the seamstress...but in this particular post she didn't write about sewing, she wrote about how 9/11 has affected's so sad...please take a minute and read.  Sabina, like so many Muslim-Americans has been terribly affected by 9/11.

For those of you that are in need of a good that broadens our awareness (about many subjects) check one of these out (and this is just a small list that touches the surface...there are tons of amazing organizations out there to help victims of 9/11, victims of child slavery, victims of famine, former child soldiers etc etc.  I suggest reading some of these and then getting involved in an organization that helps what ever it is that breaks your heart, something you are passionate about):
A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
The Kite Runner
Mountains Beyond Mountains
The Help
Safely Home
or watch Blood Diamond
and for kids:
Number the Stars
Meet Addy: An American Girl

Friday, August 26, 2011

Becoming OliveR

Olive showing her mom her pretty feathers

So, ladies and gents, our farming days are over. I'm very sad to report to you (from my IPOD bc my computer is still in vegetable's custody) that our big bird has left the nest and gone to "live on a farm where she can run and play with other animals" only that's not code for "your pet has died and I'm trying to make you feel better" (lol well at least I think not...I haven't paid her a visit yet, so, I guess I shouldn't say that with such confidence).  We found the best adoptive turkey mama in the world...I'm SO not kidding, her place is like Disneyland for animals! We arrived with Olive and her adoptive mom ran out and greeted HER 1st, saying, "hello Love," THEN when we got to Olive's room, she had a platter of spinach waiting for her (Ol's fave food) AND Olive's room opened to a garden full of greens where she can eat to her heart's content (and believe me, that birdie likes to eat plants)! Other animals live there too, and they all come running to Ol's new mom...she's snow white, I tell you...she could get the deer and birds to do her dishes with her!
Leaving Olive was awful, I cried every time I had to tell people where she was! When we first left her in her garden she gobbled really loudly for killed and I'm sure you all are laughing that I could get so attached to a farm animal. We get little updates on Olive...who actually might be OliveR ...ha, I gave that boy bird a complex by holding HIM and painting HIS nails and constantly telling the big bird how pretty HE was and asking him to show us his pretty feathers (lol she would spin and fluff whenever we said this).
When we first introduced Olive to her roommates, the chickens, she was scared to death and first ran to hide behind me, saw her mom, my husband, and ran to take shelter behind him...I was worried sick about how she was doing with Chickens, and wondering if they were being mean or nice to her...then today, we got the funniest update ever! Apparently Olive gets uber protective of her chickens much so,that she refuses to go to bed until all the chickens are in the coop...then, once they are all huddled in the corner Olive goes over, opens her wings and shelters them under her! She thinks she's a mom! Only...she might be a he...hence the reason for my thoughts on giving her a complex! Oh Olive, what a funny bird you are!
Olive through the months:

our family picture...seriously, considering this for the Christmas card:

or one of these:

soy: the life ruiner

soybeans+me does not=love
this is probably the dumbest topic for me to blog about right about now when sad events like my babies starting another school year in another new school (can I just tell you how much I hate first days of school?! I probably cry more than my babies and then I drive home and contemplate homeschooling lol), and my precious pet flying the coop (yes, sweet and giant olive has moved to a farm where she can run free with the chickens...half her size and terrifying to her...omg, a totally separate sad!!) are taking place! however, i am starving and so my mind is consumed with this latest diagnosis so you have to read about it, sorry:
more food allergies!! are you kidding me?
LOL so, I had some new fun symptoms added to my plate this, after about two months of ignoring these symptoms and them not leaving, I decided to see if perhaps I was in fact allergic to corn and peppers...and while I was getting pricked I decided to throw in a whole array of other allergens just for kicks...only to discover that I am allergic to peanuts, peas, and soy...with a milder allergy to tomatoes, wheat, and grapefruits! boy am i ever glad that i didn't add cocoa bean or coffee to my test list...i couldn't handle that right about now!
first of all, WHAT?! i eat peanut butter like it's going out of the stuff...when i am feeling weak or crummy after a long afternoon of chasing following C&T through target on a weekly allowance spending spree (bc who wants to save that green goodness?) i actually often grab a reeses for the drive home! i even travel with a jar of natural PB and some rice cakes for nourishment (bc i can't eat most processed foods anyways) .
my first reaction once the news set in was one of pure annoyance...LOL this is not the cause of my other symptoms...why on earth would i choose to go down this path when it's not the path that gets me to a diagnosis of the real annoying whatever it is that's changed my life so drastically! At first I just brushed it off as another freakish test that meant nothing and pretended that I could go on with my life...then, I thought, eh, so what if i have to give up reeses? what's one more thing?
THEN I got home and discovered that it's soy, not peanuts, that is in EVERYTHING!!! it's in the cooking spray I use when I make my latest obsession: donut muffins (thank you PJ for sharing this recipe! ps US baking temp conversion: 350*) it's in my tummy-soothing crackers, it's in my bread, it's even in my chewing gum!! So after a couple of freak-out sessions where I threw food at my pantry while my family teased me, and then my sweet hubby going to the store taking pix of everything soy-free, THEN purchasing it all for me...I'm over it! So, I guess I am allergic to soy, peanuts, peas, tomatoes, and grapefruit...and probably a handful of other foods but I'll save those tests for a day when I really need to spice up my life.  For now, my plan of action is this:
1.order my groceries as I always do
2.make and freeze homemade pie dough/bread dough/biscuits/muffins/cookies
3.make and freeze 30 dinners...with half that don't contain tomatoes/soy
4.oh, and find a bread machine, I guess.
5.and if I'm really amazing I'll make the cracker and soy-free soy sauce recipes that i found

Man, if i actually follow thru with this super-hero plan of action, I will be well on my way to an easier life of simply heating up meals every night....actually, that was the plan for the month of September anyway...we've been freezing some meals for years, and decided with school and activities well on their way to ruling our lives again, we should probably make dinner-time an easier/quicker, we'll see, I'll let you know how that goes!

All that aside, I have great news....
I have a camera.  AND I haven't broken it yet. And I have documented our life from my bday on! yay! thanks to my lovely parents for such a FABULOUS, how did you know? it wasn't all of my posts complaining about not having a camera was it? or that I borrowed yours for long periods of time? I have some fabulous family pix taken with olive...we figured, most people have family pix taken with their pets, we should too...we have pix of our mustache party and the cotton candy machine too! So, when I actually regain control of my computer (it's on active hulu-duty) I'll post some pix from MY camera!
well, I must actually get something done...please enjoy a reeses for me today....and if you really want to mix things up, get yourselves a food allergy'll change your life, I promise!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

my love

i have so many things to be thankful for.  i am so blessed, i truly am...
of all the things i have to be thankful for, i am most thankful for my handsome husband.  everyday i am amazed that this man could love me so much, that he could patiently endure some of the things he has endured and still be as sweet and loving as he is.  that he could carry on and be the amazing husband and father that he is.  everyday, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found him...and everyday, i thank God for one more day with my sweet Ringo.
I love his boyish smile, the way he looks at me across the room...his dreamy brown eyes...his sweet voice...
it's been ten years.  ten years.  and i still have a gigantic crush on that boy.  i was watching him play soccer the other night and he turned and looked at me, and i tell you what, my little heart fluttered! i was sick and in pain and had had a long day, he bundled me up in blankets and brought a chair out to the field so that i could watch him play...and then he looked at me with that look...oh, that boy still makes me melt.  the past ten years seemed to flash before my eyes that night...we really have been through so much, and yet, i honestly don't care where we are, i don't care if we never accumulate wealth, savings, & a retirement plan along with a couple of chocolate labs and our perfect little suburban house (not that there's anything wrong with that, it seems to sort of consume us Americans, sometimes though)...all i care about is being with him (and my sweet babies too...but, they have their own lives and dreams to fulfill)...waking up next to him, eating breakfast with him, laughing with him...making memories together. 

Ringo, ten years! we've made it ten years! the last two seemed to carry on like an eternity, and fly by in a flash all at the same time.  we've been through so much together, i love you so much.  i always will.  thank you for all you do, thank you for holding my hand through the tough times, for encouraging me to be me, for making me laugh, for loving me so unconditionally...i could go on and on...i love you...

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I'd been out 'til quarter to three, would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?

You'll be older too
Ah, and if you say the word, I could stay with you

I could be handy, mending a fuse when your lights have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside, Sunday mornings, go for a ride
Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?

Every summer we can rent a cottage
In the Isle of Wight if it's not to, dear
We shall scrimp and save
Ah, grandchildren on your knee, Vera, Chuck and Dave

Send me a postcard, drop me a line stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say, yours sincerely wasting away
Give me your answer, fill in a form, mine forever more
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?

(the Beatles)

our wedding seems like  just yesterday, and yet it feels like forever ago...i love you, i can't imagine having not had you in my life, my sweet.  here's to many more years together. AND to many many batches of cotton candy.

to all of my many faithful followers...not to worry, the anniversary play list will make its way to my's just going to be a long one, we've entitled it "ten years of great tunes" that's aLOT of years of our great music to sort through!

remember me?

(written one week ago)
so, I am at work and I should totally NOT be blogging at work, I NEVER allow myself to blog or respond to emails at work...I should be working on my thousands of plats in the plat room...but, I am currently highly drugged b/c I am in the middle of one of my "episodes" and I am doing the best I can to just hold myself up here at the desk...and my personal laptop has been hijacked by three little hulu and youtube, I never blog anymore because re-runs of the torkelsons, pink panther, woody the woodpecker, monk or psych are always playing (isn't that a funny TV play list? those are C, T, & M's current choices LOL...if I watched more TV my list would probably, embarrassingly, include catching up on titles like the real housewives of NYC and bros & sisters)
I wonder if any of y'all even remember me? it's been so long...
so, I am making an exception at work in order to appear like I am working...or at least not holding onto the desk and my stomach rather than sitting up like a nice little office girl...and to send a shout out to all of you (six, woohoo!) faithful followers!
news on the home front:
1) no-kill turkey facility found!
Yes, you heard me right...we actually found our (not so) little olive a home where she will be their pet rather than their thanksgiving dinner! they even built her a coop!!
the darn bird has taken to attacking me when her mother, aka my husband, happens to be is actually pretty funny...we have this area of the garage that is "his" in Olive's eyes, so if he and I are both working on projects on "his" side, Olive will get in between us and run at me all puffed up.  LOL the other day, the mister had to hold his gigantic pet and she was running mid-air AT me...she looked at him as if to say "if you wont tell her who is boss I will!" AND she attacks my youngest...I totally get it...he thinks she is his puppy and wants to smother her and kiss her and she doesn't like this...soooo, after being told a number of mean-turkey horror stories and my daughter changing the name of Olive's house to "turkey den" (aka lion's den)...I have decided that it's's time for her to move to a farm where she can run and play with the other birds...or possibly attack them...either way, it's time.  When I told my husband I thought that it was time a couple of weeks ago, he got a very sad look on his face and asked if we could just wait, I am not kidding you, this bird sits at his feet when he builds AND if I pick her up, she pecks at me...but, if he picks her up, that bird climbs up his chest, roosts on his shoulder, and nestles right into his neck!! I'll post a pic when I get home.
2) one week and counting until the celebration of ten years of marriage begins!! yep, i have been a missus to my mister for TEN YEARS! can you believe it?! I can't.  On one hand, I cannot believe how fast time has flown, on the other I cannot believe how many memories we have squeezed into ten years.

Monday, June 6, 2011

adventures in turkey farming

well folks, Olive had her first pedicure, and I must tell you, I think she is quite pleased with it...we tell her she's so pretty...she sat really well for a turkey getting her toenails painted, in fact, she fell asleep in my arms while C and I were painting.  T was not a happy little man when we painted "her" toenails, he kept saying "she is a boy! she is a boy! stop painting her nails she doesn't like it!" I told him we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, he disappeared for a little while...
when I went in to find him, I called out "T what are you up to?"
"I am googling,"
"you are what?!" I called back,
"I am googling 'how do you tell if your turkey is a boy or a girl?'"
ohmygoodness, I was rolling....he still insists that our turkey is a boy (even after looking at pictures of turkeys) and does not like pink toenails (which is so funny that he has that opinion b/c we've never told him boys can't have their toenails painted, in fact, my friend, Jeff used to walk around with painted toenails all of the time! I guess T just doesn't like pink as much as I do).
LOL our little bird is one funny bird! she takes stroller rides, hot baths and loves them, gets out of her swimming pool-house and waits on our back step like a lonely little puppy wanting to be let in, and will not relax until she knows where her mommy (also known as the kids' dad) is.  On Saturday, the Mr. was painting a table that I brought home (this is a regular occurrence lol...I find furniture and he refinishes it) and Olive kept climbing out of her house to be with him, when I came home her little beak had primer all over it. 
LOL who knew we'd love a turkey so much or that such a little animal could become so domesticated (next on my list: potty training)...I don't think we can take her back to the city with us...she's certainly not going to remain small...just look at the size of those feet!
ooooh what's a girl to do? we can't let this little pet get eaten! Right about now, I am very seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

vintage bakeshop

so here I go again publishing another post today, but you've GOT to check out marion's blog! ohmygoodness, total cuteness! Matthew Mead introduced me to marion's vintage bakeshop...she's featured in summer with Matthew Mead, (go here to buy your own copy) with her tiny tasty little delicasies...and if you check out her blog you can get a recipe a week for a fun mini treat!!

personality assessment would appear that I have written a dozen posts today...indeed, I have not...blogger used to post a post on the day it was composed...I hit "publish" on a couple of posts that I have written over the past couple of weeks and they posted as today's date and out of, for those of you who like to keep up on my latest:
I am home from my long trip to Oregon (phew), and my baby turkey is even still living at our no-kill facility (double-phew).

I wanted to share this fun little personality test that I found on Rachel Olsen's blog...I'll admit it, this personality test tagged me to a tee! it was right on...I was floored at how well it described my personality! You can take the little assessment and then view your score, then click on some fun little articles/links that describe you...give it a shot!

SOS!!! DON!!!

Don! you're my only friend here, you must come and rescue me!
In haste, as I always handle all serious questions/proposals/life decisions, I agreed to fly here in the middle of a busy/sad/trying/exciting week...not that this week is any different than any other week of my life...I mean, we always have something going on...but this week, my husband has extra hours/projects at work, my kiddos have some final sporting events, fun events at school, and...lastly, my cousin and childhood friend died. So, here I am Don, in your city...and not exactly enjoying the scenery outside of diaper duty and tantrum patrol, lol.
I felt compassionate and said "yes," to my friend's plea to fly out here and babysit her children...but, I've endured about the 56th tantrum today from her almost three year old...the last two took place in TARGET, where everyone was staring at me (and don't get me wrong I've endured PLENTY of tantrums in Target, just not from other people's kids)...we had a tantrum getting into the car that resulted in said two and a half year old kicking door as she flailed about (is flailed even a word?), we had a tantrum in the car on the way to Target...and then, we had one of the bigger outbursts right at the front of Target, when everyone in the store seemed to be checking out, because 2.5 yo wanted merchandise on a shelf...and that's just 20minutes and just ONE of the kids I am watching.
Seriously, Don, you must come and rescue me...take me to coffee if that's all you've got for time...but, I need a reprieve from tantrum throwing toddlers and five year olds who boss me around with phrases like "I TOLD you to stand over there,"
please Don I beg of you!
LOL, you like how I refer to you as my friend? haha, isn't it funny how we read someone's written words and we feel like we know them personally...I am sure a ton of people feel that way about you, Don Miller, because of your utter say things we all think but don't always say out, my dear, you are my friend since we know each other so well (wink!).  AND now, my other friend (the one whose kids I am watching) is probably going to hate me or worry about her children because of my utter honesty on this blog LOL...hopefully she doesn't have internet access in her hotel! LOL, no, you know I love you...and these kids too, even if they do boss me around and throw wild tantrums in the middle of the store...oh and throw up all over ;o) they are in good hands, LOL, but you owe me a stiff drink when you get home, hehe just kidding...kind of.

so I wrote this recently while, how funny that I still call it "babysitting" even though my babysitting years are FAR behind me and I no longer get paid ;o) I struggled with whether to post this or not...because I really am non-confrontational...oh yes, those are my true words, and that is my true personality: I laugh and have a ton of sarcasm even in frustrating hubby and I tease each other all of the time, and I express my true feelings (like the above story) all of the time and he encourages it and laughs along with's totally me to grab a face mask in the middle of my spinal tap while I am spinning and in pain, and make the Mr. pose for a picture with me...LOL...but, I am also non-confrontational, and very's as if the south has truly rubbed off on me by my sheer politeness in my choice of, posting this was a struggle...there's a reason I have a million non-published posts...because I am too polite.  I think this politeness crap can sometimes get the best of's a struggle, because, as a believer I naturally want to do things to help other people, but, then, at what point, when you are being taken advantage of, do you say "enough...please" ???
I have been reading through a book called "BOUNDARIES" for about the past cousin, Daphne, recommended is a FABULOUS go-to book for the guilt-ridden door-mat believer like's title says it all: Boundaries.  It talks about how to set healthy, Biblical based boundaries...anyhow, I really must hop in the shower, but, if you are a door-mat-believer like me check this book out!

Desperately seeking a vegetarian Turkey Farmer!

well, the time is fast approaching for our darling Olive Oil to move from our house to a, well...a farm...dare i say.
do you know what happens to turkeys on turkey farms?
oh, i dare not say it....
yes...turkey farmers KILL their PET turkeys! isn't that horrific? how on earth could someone kill their pet?

it really is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian...I was almost completely vegan once, but only for dr's orders...and I'll admit it, my body felt much healthier, and with great stores like whole foods it was super easy...not super cheap though...and the mister swears he can tell when I use "enerG" egg substitute...but, you really can't...he also says he can tell when I buy generic Dijon mustard and everything else generic or fake or not homemade LOL.

really, it is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian b/c of all of my animal loves...did you know that I had a pet pig once? now, for those of you that are just reading my blog for the first time...this is sort of an absurd concept for a girl like is owning a turkey...yes, I was raised in a tiny town in a rural state, and yes, I have relocated my family back to this rural area while I am sick, (and it feels completely foreign to us, mind you) but I am a girl who loves the grittiness of a city, I love people, I love to shop, I love traffic, I am totally lulled to sleep at night to the sounds of cars and car alarms, and let's face it I need to live near MAC and urban...I have always been this, when I tell people I had a pet pig once they look at me strangely...
here's the deal...I was madly in love with Wilbur...I daydreamed about having a darling little baby pig to feed with a bottle and push around in a my mind, I suppose, I omitted pig poop from my, I begged my dad for a pig...he found a client who raised pigs and had rural property...and oila...if I promised to join 4-H (that's a club where you have to KILL your animals!!) I could have a pig...well, two years of teaching my pet pigs how to give kisses, bathing them, taking long walks with them, and THEN having to kill them...I was DONE! loading those babies of mine onto the semi after selling them is forever burned in my memory. honestly, I am SO surprised that I did not become a vegetarian then...actually that would've been intolerable at my parents house...even now, they are extremely disappointed that one of my kids' fave dishes is eggplant parmesan.

Fast forward twenty years and I have this sweet baby turkey on my hands...and I'll admit it, her cage gets a little stinky...but you just can't resist such a cute little thing who peeks over her cage at you and calls out to you...who cuddles and plays with you...she has this special little call that she makes for my husband (he makes it back to her) and today as we drove off she was making that call as loudly as she could with her head over her cage.  LOL I was so surprised to meet people here who actually raise turkeys...all of the people I have met have offered to take her for me once she is too big to live at our house...and everyone of them has made it very clear that they plan to EAT her!!! are you kidding me?! who does that? who eats their own pets?! wholly grossness.  and sadness. 
SO, I am desperately seeking a vegetarian turkey farmer.  One who does it purely for sport.  I am looking for a no-kill farming facility...because Olive Oil is not a meal.  How ironic that my daughter gave her a food name!! I think I'll put out an ad in the paper...perhaps I should advertise in a less carnivorous area, though...maybe I'll try Boulder.
or maybe I should just get her a doghouse.  Can turkeys live outside in the winter??

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a plain blog kinda day

no camera = zero cute photos to post on blog = plain blog.
so, i know i talk about my darn camera dilemmas all of the time...but, seriously, without a camera of my own, it is difficult to show all of the photos that I take of our our new pets: Olive Oil and her brother, Buford (may he rest in peace), Easter cuteness, violin recitals, soccer games...and SO much more.  Adding to my photo complications: I broke our external hard drive with all of the other pixies on, nope, I'm not kidding.  Seriously, you'd think I was a clumsy little knobby-kneed kid still (and I was JUST that for many years with legs five times the size of my body...and seriously, that is not a good thing, b/c I STILL have only legs for a you have any idea how expensive jeans are for a girl of 5'6.5" with a 34" inseam?? VERY!! no one actually makes pants that size...b/c no one as short as me has legs that long lol).
anyhow, I feel as if I've left all of you hanging, I haven't shared that that darn Easter bunny brought my children baby turkeys for pets...yep, turkeys.  that's a common pet for city kids, right? sadly one of the two died after a week...which was so surprising b/c he was the lively one, he did flips (serious), jumped off of everything...but, his sister (we don't actually KNOW the sexes of these birds...I've been told by my bird-expert children that one is a girl and one is a there) has grown tremendously and is literally like the family dog...I know, I know, it sounds weird...but she is the cutest thing I've ever seen...she recognizes every one's voices and goes crazy for her mom: my husband...seriously, she thinks he is her mom.  She cuddles and follows the kids around the house like a little puppy and plays with toys.  I'll have to post our pictures of her...I have no idea what we'll do with her once she's an actual turkey...the Mr. says she'll be our guard turkey.  I don't think that turkeys are actually allowed in the city, are they?
I poured my heart out to y'all (that's a word they use in the south to mean "all of you" or "you guys") and then I left you hanging.  So, an update: my daughter is not a bully.  phew.  In short, I made C call the little girls she offended and apologize to them, the poor thing was SO upset...but, it was so sweet b/c she said it felt good to apologize.  What followed, shocked me, I mean don't get me wrong, I am utterly grateful to this mama for contacting me and being willing to let me know what was going on...but after C's apology she spoke with me about how she felt that our family needed therapy because her daughter's told her that C expressed that she wanted a nose ring and a faux flags.  So, I sat up that night psycho-analyzing myself as a parent (this mama-friend is a, of course she MUST know more than me) I was freaking out wondering where I had gone wrong...I mean, I breast-fed for goodness sake!! the next morning after much prayer and pondering it hit daughter is the daughter of two very artistic parents...she has been exposed to so much more than the average child, she has been taken to fashion shows, art shows, service projects...she has loved on homeless people, shared her room with the young college student who had nowhere to name it...LOL I guess I must take some credit for her desire to have a faux-hawk and nose ring b/c for a photo shoot I almost had my hair completely shaved off...I remember saying it was just hair and it could grow...I've also sported blue hair and had piercings of my, I am quite surprised that she didn't say she wanted to be covered in tats or dye her hair blue...
luckily, C still has huge plans to go to college and even knows which one she plans to attend (at age nine), still practices her violin like its going out of style, does her homework the second she gets it, loves the Lord and has a heart to serve others...and I guess that maybe I didn't fail her...seems like she gets it...probably gets "it" better than I do or even most adults do! The girl has moved from so many cultures w/in her own country, seen so many different communities, has served alongside us in the homeless community, has been educated on child soldiers and other traumatic events taking place in other countries b/c of our involvement with such causes...and she's just nine.  I am proud of who she is, and also still grateful to the other mother for giving us an experience to grow from.  Who knows, maybe we do need family-therapy, lol we probably do.  I think C will turn out fine...She's Gods. Which is the most important thing...He is shaping her and molding her...none of His work can I take credit for.  And I must note that these ponderings include my other child, her younger brother, as well...I watch amazed at how God shapes the two of them, daily.

and now, on to other happenings in the fam over the past few weeks:
C had her second violin recital along with a juried violin performance...OH SO AMAZING!! seriously, amazing.  the program she is enrolled in is absolutely fabulous, I cannot sing my praises enough about it...IT is what I love about living here.  C absolutely thrives in very structured environments...rigorous academic programs w/constant tests leave the girl shrieking for joy (not kidding), in fact I heard all about a math test she would encounter today SO many times last night b/c she was SO, her violin academy has been such a blessing in an academic environment that doesn't challenge her as much as she needs...she is required to practice everyday and to have her practice sheets signed...she loves having these responsibilities.  T plays the guitar (which is such a dreamy instrument to play, might I add), so, as he practices in the mornings and I hear the two playing I tell him how excited I am to tour with their bluegrass band.  What dreamy dreams I have for my children, LOL. 
T had a yucky puncture wound last week...LOL go figure...seriously, that boy is...ALL BOY.  I never knew what that phrase meant until I had a sweet little boy.  He and I have spent a great deal of time at the doctor's office lately! First for his allergy prick testing (poor boy was so itchy!) and then for this puncture wound! The funny thing is his puncture wound and it's sudden swelling a full week after it happened were the result of his all-boyness.  Apparently all of the bike riding/soccer-playing/rolling around/jumping off of things sort of behaviors caused his joint wound to become a bad joint wound that almost required draining! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a bouncy boy not to bounce? Doctor's orders.  It was a week of pure vegging.  Thank goodness for the lack of cable in our house...since T never watches television I was able to induce vegging with the help of hulu and wifi. 
And that's all folks. 

On my to do list this month:
~purchase replacement part for external hard-drive
~purchase camera- check out this one, I think it just might do the trick, it's kid-tough (translation: sarah-tough):

~buy knee and elbow pads for my son