Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dearest diary

Well, apparently my blog has a mind of it's own and has decided to post everything written ages ago under today's, why not add more?  LOL, I can definitely tell you that I wrote the blog about community (a couple of posts down the row) a while ago b/c as we are all suffering from the croup AND the flu at our house this week (no sleep for a's like the newborn years all over again lol) I am most certainly not in a community kinda mood, no sirree-bob...the idea of hanging with dear friends this week sounds like more of a chore than a pleasure...haha, no offense to all of you, my dear bed just sounds much more appealing at the moment!
I have been absolutely horrible about posting in my blog...mostly due to my current lack of internet or a camera...I've been borrowing a camera, and knock on wood, haven't broken it yet...but for fear of the usual happening, I feel it's time to invest in a new (cheap) one...maybe a waterproof or drop-proof one.  I would find a way to break one of those too, though.  It's not as if I haven't been writing, I've actually been kicking it old school style with a pad of paper and pencil! Dear diary-style, that is...and I find that once I've written my little blog on paper, I've gotten whatever it is: off my chest, out of my head, said my piece, whatever...and I don't want to put it on the internet! Before, I didn't think twice about what I wrote...just posted, I'm seeing my dear-diary entries as something rather personal and my act of releasing them via blog is disappearing...PLUS who wants to post without cute pix of their kids attached? not me. 
It's funny, I actually started this darn blog as an act of forcing myself back into creating my artwork...I figured it would hold me accountable for creating if I titled it "ringo's girl" and posted pix of my latest work...never in a million years did I think this silly blog would become my dear-diary with only pix of my cute little fam!! haha.  anyhow, all that to say, I will return to posting shortly.  thanks for reading my diary. xoxo

blah blah blah blah blog

I just hopped on to clean up my "edit posts" file and discovered nine million posts that I've never published.  It's funny, this little blah blah blah blah blog has become my diary...and, can you believe that I share it with the world?! I always swore that I'd never join facebook, just for the sake of keeping my private life private...and yet, here I am sharing my life with whomever chooses to read about it!
Sometimes I wonder who on earth is really that interested in my life...THEN I discovered this fancy little tool on my blog that shows me who reads my blog and where they are located, wowsers!!! ahhhh thanks guys, thanks for sharing in my private life lol! I'm feeling the love today.


 ****(this post was written the first week of December...not this week...for some reason the blog saved it as today's date)****
it was a weekend of parties...two "surprise you are 30!" celebrations, and one nine year old birthday bowling extravaganza followed by a COLD Christmas parade and oh-so-yummy Holiday cookie party! Our weekend of partying began with a little surprise happy hour for Ringo that we actually had to dash out of in order to make it to the kids' Christmas "program" (not "play," "program." T informed me that it is indeed NOT called a play, but a program FYI)...and sadly, we were all so busy enjoying our "beer and cupcakes in honor of ringo" that neither of us remembered to dig the borrowed camera out of my purse...and we made it so late to the Christmas program that I couldn't get close enough for the program photos of my kiddos singing their little hearts out to turn out for your viewing pleasure...haha we have piles of teeny tiny c's & t's singing in a crowd of their fellow teeny tiny classmates...precious to me, but too hard for anyone else to see!

Thank you so very much to everyone who made it out to help us celebrate our sweet husband and daddy! You all helped to make his day super special and it was so great to see everyone...I think we surprised him!

Our party-going weekend was so much really confirms what social beings our entire family is...but, also, how important it is to be in community. Our little family has ALWAYS always been super social...mostly due (forced) in part to me...seriously, give me a reason to celebrate and I will take it! One time we bought the cutest little 600 square foot house that we dubbed "the cottage" and that little house was filled with people ALL of the time...and those people became like family...we, somehow, found that perfect balance...we celebrated birthdays, holidays, weddings...those friends helped me through a season of toddler-preschoolhood when my husband travelled for work so frequently that my babes had the airport trip memorized, we supported one another through breakups and miscarriages, and now across the states through very new seasons!  I loved that cramped little cottage for all of the memories that it held...for all of the beautiful friendships that it formed...for the community that took place within it's walls and in that tiny backyard. I always long for that same type of genuine community each time we move...and as we prepare for yet, another move, I realize that the reason we found such amazing community was because we opened our door to our private and personal lives, our hearts, and our hurts...we made ourselves vulnerable and accountable to other people...and in order to find such community again in our new community, we must be willing to be real, to be vulnerable, and to welcome others into the very real and messy lives of Matt, Sarah, Claire, and Tate.

I wonder what God's idea of community is like...I think of Isaiah 58 often, and wonder if it looks a little like that...

I wonder if there is a lot of celebrating and partying going on in Heaven?

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