Tuesday, May 24, 2011

vintage bakeshop

so here I go again publishing another post today, but you've GOT to check out marion's blog! ohmygoodness, total cuteness! Matthew Mead introduced me to marion's vintage bakeshop...she's featured in summer with Matthew Mead, (go here to buy your own copy) with her tiny tasty little delicasies...and if you check out her blog you can get a recipe a week for a fun mini treat!!

personality assessment would appear that I have written a dozen posts today...indeed, I have not...blogger used to post a post on the day it was composed...I hit "publish" on a couple of posts that I have written over the past couple of weeks and they posted as today's date and out of, for those of you who like to keep up on my latest:
I am home from my long trip to Oregon (phew), and my baby turkey is even still living at our no-kill facility (double-phew).

I wanted to share this fun little personality test that I found on Rachel Olsen's blog...I'll admit it, this personality test tagged me to a tee! it was right on...I was floored at how well it described my personality! You can take the little assessment and then view your score, then click on some fun little articles/links that describe you...give it a shot!

SOS!!! DON!!!

Don! you're my only friend here, you must come and rescue me!
In haste, as I always handle all serious questions/proposals/life decisions, I agreed to fly here in the middle of a busy/sad/trying/exciting week...not that this week is any different than any other week of my life...I mean, we always have something going on...but this week, my husband has extra hours/projects at work, my kiddos have some final sporting events, fun events at school, and...lastly, my cousin and childhood friend died. So, here I am Don, in your city...and not exactly enjoying the scenery outside of diaper duty and tantrum patrol, lol.
I felt compassionate and said "yes," to my friend's plea to fly out here and babysit her children...but, I've endured about the 56th tantrum today from her almost three year old...the last two took place in TARGET, where everyone was staring at me (and don't get me wrong I've endured PLENTY of tantrums in Target, just not from other people's kids)...we had a tantrum getting into the car that resulted in said two and a half year old kicking door as she flailed about (is flailed even a word?), we had a tantrum in the car on the way to Target...and then, we had one of the bigger outbursts right at the front of Target, when everyone in the store seemed to be checking out, because 2.5 yo wanted merchandise on a shelf...and that's just 20minutes and just ONE of the kids I am watching.
Seriously, Don, you must come and rescue me...take me to coffee if that's all you've got for time...but, I need a reprieve from tantrum throwing toddlers and five year olds who boss me around with phrases like "I TOLD you to stand over there,"
please Don I beg of you!
LOL, you like how I refer to you as my friend? haha, isn't it funny how we read someone's written words and we feel like we know them personally...I am sure a ton of people feel that way about you, Don Miller, because of your utter say things we all think but don't always say out, my dear, you are my friend since we know each other so well (wink!).  AND now, my other friend (the one whose kids I am watching) is probably going to hate me or worry about her children because of my utter honesty on this blog LOL...hopefully she doesn't have internet access in her hotel! LOL, no, you know I love you...and these kids too, even if they do boss me around and throw wild tantrums in the middle of the store...oh and throw up all over ;o) they are in good hands, LOL, but you owe me a stiff drink when you get home, hehe just kidding...kind of.

so I wrote this recently while, how funny that I still call it "babysitting" even though my babysitting years are FAR behind me and I no longer get paid ;o) I struggled with whether to post this or not...because I really am non-confrontational...oh yes, those are my true words, and that is my true personality: I laugh and have a ton of sarcasm even in frustrating hubby and I tease each other all of the time, and I express my true feelings (like the above story) all of the time and he encourages it and laughs along with's totally me to grab a face mask in the middle of my spinal tap while I am spinning and in pain, and make the Mr. pose for a picture with me...LOL...but, I am also non-confrontational, and very's as if the south has truly rubbed off on me by my sheer politeness in my choice of, posting this was a struggle...there's a reason I have a million non-published posts...because I am too polite.  I think this politeness crap can sometimes get the best of's a struggle, because, as a believer I naturally want to do things to help other people, but, then, at what point, when you are being taken advantage of, do you say "enough...please" ???
I have been reading through a book called "BOUNDARIES" for about the past cousin, Daphne, recommended is a FABULOUS go-to book for the guilt-ridden door-mat believer like's title says it all: Boundaries.  It talks about how to set healthy, Biblical based boundaries...anyhow, I really must hop in the shower, but, if you are a door-mat-believer like me check this book out!

Desperately seeking a vegetarian Turkey Farmer!

well, the time is fast approaching for our darling Olive Oil to move from our house to a, well...a farm...dare i say.
do you know what happens to turkeys on turkey farms?
oh, i dare not say it....
yes...turkey farmers KILL their PET turkeys! isn't that horrific? how on earth could someone kill their pet?

it really is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian...I was almost completely vegan once, but only for dr's orders...and I'll admit it, my body felt much healthier, and with great stores like whole foods it was super easy...not super cheap though...and the mister swears he can tell when I use "enerG" egg substitute...but, you really can't...he also says he can tell when I buy generic Dijon mustard and everything else generic or fake or not homemade LOL.

really, it is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian b/c of all of my animal loves...did you know that I had a pet pig once? now, for those of you that are just reading my blog for the first time...this is sort of an absurd concept for a girl like is owning a turkey...yes, I was raised in a tiny town in a rural state, and yes, I have relocated my family back to this rural area while I am sick, (and it feels completely foreign to us, mind you) but I am a girl who loves the grittiness of a city, I love people, I love to shop, I love traffic, I am totally lulled to sleep at night to the sounds of cars and car alarms, and let's face it I need to live near MAC and urban...I have always been this, when I tell people I had a pet pig once they look at me strangely...
here's the deal...I was madly in love with Wilbur...I daydreamed about having a darling little baby pig to feed with a bottle and push around in a my mind, I suppose, I omitted pig poop from my, I begged my dad for a pig...he found a client who raised pigs and had rural property...and oila...if I promised to join 4-H (that's a club where you have to KILL your animals!!) I could have a pig...well, two years of teaching my pet pigs how to give kisses, bathing them, taking long walks with them, and THEN having to kill them...I was DONE! loading those babies of mine onto the semi after selling them is forever burned in my memory. honestly, I am SO surprised that I did not become a vegetarian then...actually that would've been intolerable at my parents house...even now, they are extremely disappointed that one of my kids' fave dishes is eggplant parmesan.

Fast forward twenty years and I have this sweet baby turkey on my hands...and I'll admit it, her cage gets a little stinky...but you just can't resist such a cute little thing who peeks over her cage at you and calls out to you...who cuddles and plays with you...she has this special little call that she makes for my husband (he makes it back to her) and today as we drove off she was making that call as loudly as she could with her head over her cage.  LOL I was so surprised to meet people here who actually raise turkeys...all of the people I have met have offered to take her for me once she is too big to live at our house...and everyone of them has made it very clear that they plan to EAT her!!! are you kidding me?! who does that? who eats their own pets?! wholly grossness.  and sadness. 
SO, I am desperately seeking a vegetarian turkey farmer.  One who does it purely for sport.  I am looking for a no-kill farming facility...because Olive Oil is not a meal.  How ironic that my daughter gave her a food name!! I think I'll put out an ad in the paper...perhaps I should advertise in a less carnivorous area, though...maybe I'll try Boulder.
or maybe I should just get her a doghouse.  Can turkeys live outside in the winter??

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a plain blog kinda day

no camera = zero cute photos to post on blog = plain blog.
so, i know i talk about my darn camera dilemmas all of the time...but, seriously, without a camera of my own, it is difficult to show all of the photos that I take of our our new pets: Olive Oil and her brother, Buford (may he rest in peace), Easter cuteness, violin recitals, soccer games...and SO much more.  Adding to my photo complications: I broke our external hard drive with all of the other pixies on, nope, I'm not kidding.  Seriously, you'd think I was a clumsy little knobby-kneed kid still (and I was JUST that for many years with legs five times the size of my body...and seriously, that is not a good thing, b/c I STILL have only legs for a you have any idea how expensive jeans are for a girl of 5'6.5" with a 34" inseam?? VERY!! no one actually makes pants that size...b/c no one as short as me has legs that long lol).
anyhow, I feel as if I've left all of you hanging, I haven't shared that that darn Easter bunny brought my children baby turkeys for pets...yep, turkeys.  that's a common pet for city kids, right? sadly one of the two died after a week...which was so surprising b/c he was the lively one, he did flips (serious), jumped off of everything...but, his sister (we don't actually KNOW the sexes of these birds...I've been told by my bird-expert children that one is a girl and one is a there) has grown tremendously and is literally like the family dog...I know, I know, it sounds weird...but she is the cutest thing I've ever seen...she recognizes every one's voices and goes crazy for her mom: my husband...seriously, she thinks he is her mom.  She cuddles and follows the kids around the house like a little puppy and plays with toys.  I'll have to post our pictures of her...I have no idea what we'll do with her once she's an actual turkey...the Mr. says she'll be our guard turkey.  I don't think that turkeys are actually allowed in the city, are they?
I poured my heart out to y'all (that's a word they use in the south to mean "all of you" or "you guys") and then I left you hanging.  So, an update: my daughter is not a bully.  phew.  In short, I made C call the little girls she offended and apologize to them, the poor thing was SO upset...but, it was so sweet b/c she said it felt good to apologize.  What followed, shocked me, I mean don't get me wrong, I am utterly grateful to this mama for contacting me and being willing to let me know what was going on...but after C's apology she spoke with me about how she felt that our family needed therapy because her daughter's told her that C expressed that she wanted a nose ring and a faux flags.  So, I sat up that night psycho-analyzing myself as a parent (this mama-friend is a, of course she MUST know more than me) I was freaking out wondering where I had gone wrong...I mean, I breast-fed for goodness sake!! the next morning after much prayer and pondering it hit daughter is the daughter of two very artistic parents...she has been exposed to so much more than the average child, she has been taken to fashion shows, art shows, service projects...she has loved on homeless people, shared her room with the young college student who had nowhere to name it...LOL I guess I must take some credit for her desire to have a faux-hawk and nose ring b/c for a photo shoot I almost had my hair completely shaved off...I remember saying it was just hair and it could grow...I've also sported blue hair and had piercings of my, I am quite surprised that she didn't say she wanted to be covered in tats or dye her hair blue...
luckily, C still has huge plans to go to college and even knows which one she plans to attend (at age nine), still practices her violin like its going out of style, does her homework the second she gets it, loves the Lord and has a heart to serve others...and I guess that maybe I didn't fail her...seems like she gets it...probably gets "it" better than I do or even most adults do! The girl has moved from so many cultures w/in her own country, seen so many different communities, has served alongside us in the homeless community, has been educated on child soldiers and other traumatic events taking place in other countries b/c of our involvement with such causes...and she's just nine.  I am proud of who she is, and also still grateful to the other mother for giving us an experience to grow from.  Who knows, maybe we do need family-therapy, lol we probably do.  I think C will turn out fine...She's Gods. Which is the most important thing...He is shaping her and molding her...none of His work can I take credit for.  And I must note that these ponderings include my other child, her younger brother, as well...I watch amazed at how God shapes the two of them, daily.

and now, on to other happenings in the fam over the past few weeks:
C had her second violin recital along with a juried violin performance...OH SO AMAZING!! seriously, amazing.  the program she is enrolled in is absolutely fabulous, I cannot sing my praises enough about it...IT is what I love about living here.  C absolutely thrives in very structured environments...rigorous academic programs w/constant tests leave the girl shrieking for joy (not kidding), in fact I heard all about a math test she would encounter today SO many times last night b/c she was SO, her violin academy has been such a blessing in an academic environment that doesn't challenge her as much as she needs...she is required to practice everyday and to have her practice sheets signed...she loves having these responsibilities.  T plays the guitar (which is such a dreamy instrument to play, might I add), so, as he practices in the mornings and I hear the two playing I tell him how excited I am to tour with their bluegrass band.  What dreamy dreams I have for my children, LOL. 
T had a yucky puncture wound last week...LOL go figure...seriously, that boy is...ALL BOY.  I never knew what that phrase meant until I had a sweet little boy.  He and I have spent a great deal of time at the doctor's office lately! First for his allergy prick testing (poor boy was so itchy!) and then for this puncture wound! The funny thing is his puncture wound and it's sudden swelling a full week after it happened were the result of his all-boyness.  Apparently all of the bike riding/soccer-playing/rolling around/jumping off of things sort of behaviors caused his joint wound to become a bad joint wound that almost required draining! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a bouncy boy not to bounce? Doctor's orders.  It was a week of pure vegging.  Thank goodness for the lack of cable in our house...since T never watches television I was able to induce vegging with the help of hulu and wifi. 
And that's all folks. 

On my to do list this month:
~purchase replacement part for external hard-drive
~purchase camera- check out this one, I think it just might do the trick, it's kid-tough (translation: sarah-tough):

~buy knee and elbow pads for my son

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a good read

check out this lovely post from paisley jade's blog. I blog-stalk her lol...that's such a creepy phrase, blog stalk, but I can't think of anything better at the moment! anyhow, I discovered her through one of her cute little creations...check her blog and shop out and read her post on parenting/marriage/life, I found it so fitting!!

it takes a village

so, I received the dreaded email...back in my day (I sound eighty saying that!) it was the dreaded phone it's the dreaded email or dreaded text...but, might I add...when you send or receive an email or text you can review what you plan to say and say it properly...nothing is said in haste or gets blurted out...

the dreaded email: an email from another parent very kindly letting me know that my daughter, in short, bullied her daughters and another girl at our new mother/daughter book club.  I approached my C, read the email to her, and she confirmed that the incident was indeed true.  Talk about break my heart. 
As a mother, I am so glad that this other mother felt brave enough to tell me...I mean how horrible would you feel to be that mother that all the other moms shy away from because they don't have the guts to tell you that your child isn't nice to theirs?
it does take a village, it really does, and I always always tell my husband how much I miss having Joyce and Daphne to help me hold my children know the kind of people you can call when your child is throwing a tantrum in target and they will calmly come and take your child for you, they will tell you not to worry they remember those days with their children, they will tell you that you are a good mother and give you advice for how they would handle it...I have been so sad not to have my parenting support system here in our new (snowy) residence.  I love being near my parents, don't get me wrong, but they are the grandparents, as they should, in their eyes, my oldest especially [the firstborn grandchild ;o)], could do no wrong, and the idea of any form of discipline is pure absurdity!  which brings me to why I am posting this...I need a village!
my husband reminded me that this other mother must have had a great deal of respect for me to feel that she could approach me and tell me about the book club incident, which I SO appreciate, and he reminds me that our children make and will make their own choices, that in nothing they choose/do/accomplish can we take credit or blame for...and he reminded me that we, as parents, hope that our children will get caught in minor little offenses like this at a young age...that we see them as opportunities for growth...he reminded me time and again that this has nothing to do with me...but, as a girl who gave up pre-med to be a mom, it is so hard to let go of the connection that these behaviors have to me...I suppose deep inside I am saying that she should be the best behaved child because I did everything "right," everything by the books...I stayed home, I breastfed, I got her on that darned schedule that all the books told me to do (actually other mothers did), I read to her in the womb and all of the time from birth on, I played classical music, joined Wednesday night kids' church groups, I put her in preschool, I make her lunches everyday, I did timeouts, I did playgroups...and the list goes on, LOL...I did it right, darn it...and now my child is bullying people?! Okay, I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my tone...because deep inside I know that we are all failures, we all fall, my child is human just as I am...and today God has given me a true growth opportunity for my child, and an opportunity to show grace...funny, I JUST prayed for more grace to give my kids last week (SO not kidding!!) and here it lands right in my lap.  LOL knowing this doesn't stop the questions from running through my head, though...I mean, really, who wouldn't question their own parenting skills when they hear news like this? when you love your child so much and pour yourselves into raising them, wouldn't you blame yourself and ask what it is you are doing wrong? after years of meltdowns and public tantrums...after seeing these behaviors exhibited at home, who wouldn't start to say "do I need to look into this?" "is something wrong with my child? what can I do to help him/her?" "where did I go wrong?"
then God reminds me “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people.” (Romans 10:21b)...and I suddenly have a peace about it all.  So, that said, thank you to the other mother who is helping to be my village, and thank you to my heavenly Father who shows me love and grace in the midst of my own hurtful behaviors, and gives me opportunities to grow, daily.

Monday, May 2, 2011

snow snow go away

I try very hard to be positive about where I now live because:
1) several people who live here read my blog and
2) my parents reside here and love it here
and let's face it, I am a polite person, I would never want to say something to hurt someones feelings or insult their taste...
but seriously, I am done being polite.  it is MAY 2ND, people, MAY 2ND!!! I awoke to snow on the ground AGAIN today...and yesterday, and the day before.  We arrived at a soccer game Saturday morning and my mother looked at me like I was crazy for not having my LONG UNDERWEAR on...are you kidding me?!

look at this!! can you believe this?! lol...just kidding, this is a photo I found online from the Chicago blizzard of 2011!
photo credits:
 I guess I should've known this...somehow, this slipped my on earth could I have been raised here and not known this?! I guess I should've remembered when I visited for the fourth of July that I did have to wear my winter coat...maybe even a winter hat? I think I must've blocked these freezing childhood memories from my mind...or maybe I've had a taste of mild weather and prefer it so much more.  So, little cold town, here is my two weeks notice...I must live somewhere warmer...this is too much for our thin-blooded family...we need to be in our pool right now.  enough said. xoxo