Friday, August 26, 2011

Becoming OliveR

Olive showing her mom her pretty feathers

So, ladies and gents, our farming days are over. I'm very sad to report to you (from my IPOD bc my computer is still in vegetable's custody) that our big bird has left the nest and gone to "live on a farm where she can run and play with other animals" only that's not code for "your pet has died and I'm trying to make you feel better" (lol well at least I think not...I haven't paid her a visit yet, so, I guess I shouldn't say that with such confidence).  We found the best adoptive turkey mama in the world...I'm SO not kidding, her place is like Disneyland for animals! We arrived with Olive and her adoptive mom ran out and greeted HER 1st, saying, "hello Love," THEN when we got to Olive's room, she had a platter of spinach waiting for her (Ol's fave food) AND Olive's room opened to a garden full of greens where she can eat to her heart's content (and believe me, that birdie likes to eat plants)! Other animals live there too, and they all come running to Ol's new mom...she's snow white, I tell you...she could get the deer and birds to do her dishes with her!
Leaving Olive was awful, I cried every time I had to tell people where she was! When we first left her in her garden she gobbled really loudly for killed and I'm sure you all are laughing that I could get so attached to a farm animal. We get little updates on Olive...who actually might be OliveR ...ha, I gave that boy bird a complex by holding HIM and painting HIS nails and constantly telling the big bird how pretty HE was and asking him to show us his pretty feathers (lol she would spin and fluff whenever we said this).
When we first introduced Olive to her roommates, the chickens, she was scared to death and first ran to hide behind me, saw her mom, my husband, and ran to take shelter behind him...I was worried sick about how she was doing with Chickens, and wondering if they were being mean or nice to her...then today, we got the funniest update ever! Apparently Olive gets uber protective of her chickens much so,that she refuses to go to bed until all the chickens are in the coop...then, once they are all huddled in the corner Olive goes over, opens her wings and shelters them under her! She thinks she's a mom! Only...she might be a he...hence the reason for my thoughts on giving her a complex! Oh Olive, what a funny bird you are!
Olive through the months:

our family picture...seriously, considering this for the Christmas card:

or one of these:

soy: the life ruiner

soybeans+me does not=love
this is probably the dumbest topic for me to blog about right about now when sad events like my babies starting another school year in another new school (can I just tell you how much I hate first days of school?! I probably cry more than my babies and then I drive home and contemplate homeschooling lol), and my precious pet flying the coop (yes, sweet and giant olive has moved to a farm where she can run free with the chickens...half her size and terrifying to her...omg, a totally separate sad!!) are taking place! however, i am starving and so my mind is consumed with this latest diagnosis so you have to read about it, sorry:
more food allergies!! are you kidding me?
LOL so, I had some new fun symptoms added to my plate this, after about two months of ignoring these symptoms and them not leaving, I decided to see if perhaps I was in fact allergic to corn and peppers...and while I was getting pricked I decided to throw in a whole array of other allergens just for kicks...only to discover that I am allergic to peanuts, peas, and soy...with a milder allergy to tomatoes, wheat, and grapefruits! boy am i ever glad that i didn't add cocoa bean or coffee to my test list...i couldn't handle that right about now!
first of all, WHAT?! i eat peanut butter like it's going out of the stuff...when i am feeling weak or crummy after a long afternoon of chasing following C&T through target on a weekly allowance spending spree (bc who wants to save that green goodness?) i actually often grab a reeses for the drive home! i even travel with a jar of natural PB and some rice cakes for nourishment (bc i can't eat most processed foods anyways) .
my first reaction once the news set in was one of pure annoyance...LOL this is not the cause of my other symptoms...why on earth would i choose to go down this path when it's not the path that gets me to a diagnosis of the real annoying whatever it is that's changed my life so drastically! At first I just brushed it off as another freakish test that meant nothing and pretended that I could go on with my life...then, I thought, eh, so what if i have to give up reeses? what's one more thing?
THEN I got home and discovered that it's soy, not peanuts, that is in EVERYTHING!!! it's in the cooking spray I use when I make my latest obsession: donut muffins (thank you PJ for sharing this recipe! ps US baking temp conversion: 350*) it's in my tummy-soothing crackers, it's in my bread, it's even in my chewing gum!! So after a couple of freak-out sessions where I threw food at my pantry while my family teased me, and then my sweet hubby going to the store taking pix of everything soy-free, THEN purchasing it all for me...I'm over it! So, I guess I am allergic to soy, peanuts, peas, tomatoes, and grapefruit...and probably a handful of other foods but I'll save those tests for a day when I really need to spice up my life.  For now, my plan of action is this:
1.order my groceries as I always do
2.make and freeze homemade pie dough/bread dough/biscuits/muffins/cookies
3.make and freeze 30 dinners...with half that don't contain tomatoes/soy
4.oh, and find a bread machine, I guess.
5.and if I'm really amazing I'll make the cracker and soy-free soy sauce recipes that i found

Man, if i actually follow thru with this super-hero plan of action, I will be well on my way to an easier life of simply heating up meals every night....actually, that was the plan for the month of September anyway...we've been freezing some meals for years, and decided with school and activities well on their way to ruling our lives again, we should probably make dinner-time an easier/quicker, we'll see, I'll let you know how that goes!

All that aside, I have great news....
I have a camera.  AND I haven't broken it yet. And I have documented our life from my bday on! yay! thanks to my lovely parents for such a FABULOUS, how did you know? it wasn't all of my posts complaining about not having a camera was it? or that I borrowed yours for long periods of time? I have some fabulous family pix taken with olive...we figured, most people have family pix taken with their pets, we should too...we have pix of our mustache party and the cotton candy machine too! So, when I actually regain control of my computer (it's on active hulu-duty) I'll post some pix from MY camera!
well, I must actually get something done...please enjoy a reeses for me today....and if you really want to mix things up, get yourselves a food allergy'll change your life, I promise!!