Monday, October 31, 2011

all dressed up

three times today, my Halloween costume has been commented on...
"look at you all decked out!" or "I LOVE your costume!" and my personal favorite (from my mother): "Is THIS your Halloween costume? what are you going as?"
perhaps it's these adorable leg warmers that I'm sporting...I made them JUST this morning, and was pretty darn proud of myself:
"i'm going as Sarah today," i told my mom

ouch! white tights make calves look much bigger!
so a little girl came to our door for candy tonight and lamented on how much she loved my costume, I laughed and said, "funny thing, these are my REAL clothes," to which she shrugged an replied, "still, I like your costume." LOL! are the promised Halloween pix...what a fun weekend it has been:

I seriously don't like bloody/scary Halloween things...but, these are completely allergen free (soy-dairy-gluten-& egg free they do have almond butter) severed finger cookies...I was determined to make a festive food that I and some kids in C's class could eat...I find them about as disgusting tasting as they look, but, surprisingly, the Mr. likes them, LOL...this from the man with a super picky food palette! 

already on sugar-high #3 of the day...just emptied candy bags, had some sugar melt-downs and are off to gather more CANDY

ahhhh and the night is finally over, LOL...the mr. and I have been dragging these last few hours of sugar little sugar plums are snuggled fast asleep in bed, the mr. is painting now, and I should be working on a project for class...I just can't seem to peel myself off of the floor in front of the fireplace.  happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

my kids look so adorable today...only i have no proof b/c i am without my camera (*Noooo I did not break it, it's still kickin') and all of my cute pix of them are on it, waiting to download.
here...let me see if this picture on my camera phone will do their cuteness justice...
nope, not really...but, here they are anyway:

More to come from Cleopatra and the Garden Gnome.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

big head sarah

have y'all noticed my new profile picture? That's a graffiti of my face! LOL i LOVE that thing!! i don't ordinarily love photos of myself plastered all over the place...but this baby is SO funny! I woke up on my birthday, earlier this summer to discover my giant head on my front porch...i knew right away, who had done brother!! he is amazing!! this GIANT head sits up above my kitchen cupboards awaiting for my other three family members to join fabulous would that be!?! six foot spray painted heads of my whole family all over my walls!! next i'd like him to make a mural on my tall hall wall out of permanent markers...i saw it done years ago in an issue of LIVING ETC (only the best home mag ever!), one of the home owners had hired a local artist to create their family portrait on their entry wall!! i have wanted one ever since...only i no longer have smooth plaster walls, so, i am not so sure how well it will work.  I let the kids paint their walls (actually we commissioned their dad to paint them) in black chalkboard paint and b/c our walls are textured, it's way too hard to draw with chalk on, they have black walls minus drawings b/c they don't like to draw on all that bumpiness :o( anyhow, that's all I really have to share at the moment...i am surrounded with piles of laundry and dirty, i had better stop wasting your time and mine.

Friday, October 7, 2011

yay for you and me day!

mixed media Sarah Alexander

i never actually show my art work on this blog...mostly because I don't like it after a while (you know how that see all of the flaws)...but i guess this is somehow stored on my web, I thought I'd post it is HAPPY YOU & ME day, why not post a cute wedding pic of my parents? That's my dad and mom when they were just wee ones!  I have this collage sitting on my piano and in a line of vintage inspired gift tags...I created it years and years everyone collages photos...even target LOL (I LOVE target, but have you noticed how they sell the same cute stuff that we sell on etsy and at a better price?! darn you target! but i still love you) i still think my parents are cuties, so here you go.
Today is the anniversary of the day that my Mr. and I met.  I will never never never forget that cold day. My friend, Denise, convinced me to go to the homecoming football game...and by convinced, I mean, DRAGGED! I do not like football (don't worry, I got over this once M started working at the Cowboys stadium in I think i didn't like football growing up b/c the games were in SNOW outside and I really don't like to be cold), it was by chance...actually it was divine ;o) that I made it to a game where Ringo just happened to be visiting his frat brothers!!! and...the rest is history.  Now, begins the weekend of pure celebration! yay for you and me ringo, i love you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we are so in love. we like to wear matching jewelry

please excuse the high-quality-ness of my camera phone (no, I know what you are thinking, I did not break my that's a record!)...
I kept slapping these friendship bracelets on the mr. and he would immediately rip them off and eat them before I could photograph him in his snazzy new accessories...I held his hand down and grabbed the nearest camera- my phone. 
Look at our twin bracelets...some couples have framed photos of their wedding bands, we...we have matching twizzlers pull and peel bracelets.  I even made my kids some for their lunches today, with a little note that read "please wear my friendship bracelet. love, mom" they were much more appreciative of their new accessories (mmmm's GIVING us sugar?! umm YES I'll wear your friendship bracelet, mom!)
I actually took this photo to email to myself so I could frame it as a present for the mr. for the anniversary of the day we met (yes, we celebrate everything)...then he said "you aren't taking that picture for a frame, you are going to blog about it!" what a fabulous idea!! so, here you are my love, a picture AND a blog about our matching-we-are-in-love-bracelets...for an early happy anniversary of meeting each other (so glad we did)present. happy you & me day (on october 7). love you.