Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Strawberry Orange Juice

I swear, my blog is not becoming a food blog...
and yet, here it is Sunday, again, and the only post I've written this week is a Sunday Brunch post.  You see, we've been a tiny bit busy this week with these little cuties (more on that later):

Oh well, food is good for the is repetition, I am learning, as I am reading The Artist's Way for my instagram creative book I guess a million brunch posts in a row counts as repetition, doesn't it?

Well, it is Sunday, SO, I bet you can guess what we are eating for brunch this morning?
yep, Donut muffins.
I thought I'd share a little drink we sometimes like to whip up to go with our weekend brunch.  This little drink was so yummy this time of year in Dallas as the weather was warming up.  We sometimes made it with lemonade for an afternoon drink by the pool, which was almost better (it's also super tasty as a mimosa)!  Here, however, we've had to alter our ingredients a tiny bit just because fresh strawberries aren't readily available (or sweet), so we've started using frozen.

Honestly, I feel a little silly sharing this one...b/c it's pretty simple, and most of you probably make smoothies a whole lot more than I do.

Strawberry Orange Juice
3 Cups fresh or frozen strawberries
*5 Cups orange Juice
**(and champagne, if you are going the mimosa route)

and that's it...toss it all in the blender and's absolutely delicious.
*We have found that, if strawberries are fresh and sweet, the recipe requires less juice.
**(If you are making mimosas, simply fill your glass 1/2-2/3 full with blended juice, then top it off with champagne)

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